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National Vocational Qualifications.

National Vocational Qualifications.

Kathy Dancer of Mayfair International Academy gives an insight into useful further education for our children in Andalucia.

Students at Mayfair International Academy have, once again, achieved a 100% pass rate in the NVQ, levels 1 & 2 Exercise and Fitness Knowledge examinations. The record of achievement for students undertaking National Vocational Qualifications with the CYQ now stands at thirteen students with NVQ level 1 Exercise and Fitness Knowledge, eleven with NVQ level 1 Assist Circuit Training and thirteen NVQ level 1 Assist Resistance Training. Ten students now hold the NVQ level 2 Exercise and Fitness Knowledge Certificate with ten holding the NVQ level 2 Gym Instructor. 

Students training for the British Amateur Weight Lifters Awards (BAWLA) also merit a mention with an excellent pass rate in all the awards i.e. 1 star, 2 star, Basic Award, Diploma in Power lifting and NVQ Level 2 BAWLA Leaders.

An added bonus to gaining an NVQ level 2 in Health and Fitness with CYQ is that these students gain automatic entry onto the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS). To be entered on this Register the qualification must be certified by an awarding body through an NVQ with the course normally delivered by an approved training provider and there are only two CYQ approved centers in Europe, one being Mayfair International Academy in Spain and the other being the Training Academy in Sweden.

An interesting fact is that students leaving school at sixteen years of age, with a handful of GCSEs, normally find interesting, well paid employment very hard to come by whereas students on the sports curriculum at Mayfair Academy, by the same age, already hold a professional qualification in fitness instructing which is sought after in Gyms, Fitness Studios, Health Clubs and Cruise Ships, worldwide. Most of these students, however, instead of leaving at sixteen, will continue into years 12/13 to achieve further qualifications and an NVQ level 3 Certificate in Advanced Fitness Instructing.  From here some students will choose to enter university to study sports science whilst others will take advantage of Mayfair Academy’s association with Steiner Transocean to travel the world working aboard a luxury cruise ship as a Fitness Instructor.

As First Aid Courses are delivered as part of each NVQ in the Exercise and Fitness courses and also as a part of Preparation for Working Life, a total of 27 students now hold the Heartstart First Aid Certificate. 


 Mayfair students have also achieved a total of 200 AQA Unit Awards and 100% pass rate in various football association awards i.e. FA Beginners Coaching Award, FA Referees Award and Soccer Star Award.

All other courses on the Sports Curriculum have enjoyed a very high pass rate from the International Bronze Award to the Ultimate Fitness Test Silver.  The BFT (Battle Fitness Test) had a 100% pass rate.

The success of the Sports Curriculum is mainly due to the hard work and dedication of the instructors. The instructors, themselves, are constantly improving techniques and attending seminars to enable them to add more qualifications to their already impressive portfolios. The instructors will attend two more seminars in London before the end of the summer term, enabling them to offer more courses to the Mayfair students.

The students, meanwhile, are currently studying hard for the forthcoming IGCSE and A Level exams, whilst also working on their volley ball skills and training for the next cycle trip to Portugal, which is due to take place in June. Students undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh International Award are now preparing for the orienteering part of the course which will take place towards the end of May in Grazalema.

Places are filling up rapidly for the next academic year, starting September 2007; however, there is still time to enroll.

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