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I can hear, no need to shout!

I can hear, no need to shout!

“Primary and Secondary schools in andalucia should be committed to enabling pupils to develop into positive, self-confident individuals” States Kathy Dancer.

A recent article in an English newspaper stated that nurseries were turning our children into ‘yobs’! Researchers had found that the children had become aggressive, disruptive and anxious the longer the time they had spent in institutional care. The children were learning behaviour from ‘the mob’, shouting louder to gain attention, rather than being instructed on appropriate behaviour from a devoted parent.

Once this behaviour is instilled in a child, it invariably spills over from nursery and kindergarten to Primary and ultimately to Secondary school. Where teachers are struggling to cope with large classes it is difficult, if not impossible, to cater for every childÂ’s particular needs both academically and physically, especially if the classroom environment is dominated by a demanding, disruptive child. By regulating the number of pupils per class, teachers can pay careful attention to the individual learning style, motivation and needs of each and every child.  

Primary and Secondary schools should be committed to the ‘Every Child Matters Agenda’ to enable the pupils to develop into positive, self-confident individuals. The grass roots of education start in the Primary at KS1 with the development of key skills. Here children establish and develop their sense of enquiry and firm foundations for learning, which enable them to learn both independently and as part of a team. They also develop a socially responsible attitude to the school and to the wider community.


Mayfair Primary school offers guaranteed small classes where children are encouraged to appreciate their own achievements and those of others. With the creation of a relaxed, caring environment within a secluded, peaceful garden setting, Mayfair teachers can nurture individual self esteem and a positive attitude to learning. Currently, there are five classrooms dedicated to the Primary school each one with its own covered terrace leading to the garden.  The Primary school also has its own ICT suite and play area.

Mayfair Academy, which is located within the same building as Mayfair Primary, allows pupils to move up to secondary without the anxiety or stress of moving to a different school. Most of the secondary classrooms also have their own terrace overlooking the beautiful gardens and swimming pool. The Secondary school also benefits from a fully equipped fitness centre and future plans include installing a multi purpose court for volleyball, basketball and tennis.

Both Primary and Secondary school pupils can enjoy the luxury of the heated indoor pool and Mayfair has two fully qualified ASA swimming instructors on the staff.

At Mayfair Academy, there are six concepts which emerge into powerful values and which play a major role in the success of the school:

  • Creation of a happy and caring environment
  • High expectation of every child
  • Enjoyable, well structured lessons
  • Development of positive, self-confident children
  • A broad range of educational experiences
  • A low pupil – teacher ratio

Mayfair International Academy is committed to guiding its students to take charge of their own lives and to face the future with confidence, courage and integrity.

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