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Mediterranean favourites

Mediterranean favourites

Over the next few months Renaldo will be featuring a selection of plants and flowers ideal for the Mediterranean garden; these will provide a valuable cut out and keep reference for the keen gardener.


The common name is Geranium; plants in this genus have circular, flat or saucer shaped flowers with five equal petals. Geraniums are native to the temperate regions of the world. There are annual and perennial varieties, with some growing as large as shrubs. Geraniums need good drainage and make ideal rockery plants as well as ground cover; Geraniums are good for containers and courtyards.

These will give you brilliant colour in sunny spots in the garden. The petals have a satiny texture adding extra intensity to the colours, which include countless shades of red, pink, orange, yellow cream and white. The petals are sometimes bi-coloured. There are two types of Gazania, clump forming or trailing; all are easily propagated from seed and will self sow freely. Ideal for rockeries, borders. Edging and ground cover; they like full sun and good drainage

These plants vary from the small, dainty varieties to the stately spikes of huge flowers. Gladiolus is a genus of common perennials native to the Mediterranean region
An all time favourite, these are showy flowers and a good choice for indoors or out. The flowers are all in shades of red, yellow, purple and white. They can be grown easily from cuttings or seeds and are fast growing and very rewarding. Keep watered and well fed with fertilizer twice a year and you will have a long lasting display of spectacular flowers


These are amongst the most popular annuals; easy to grow in bedding schemes, rockeries, window boxes, hanging baskets or anywhere there is full sun. The velvety frilled flowers can be double ruffled, frilled, fringed, blotched or striped and veined. The colours are shades of red, pink, purple, mauve, blue, white and yellow. They are easily raised from seed and are a must for every garden
An evergreen shrub, which is quick growing and drought and wind resistant, having leathery, green leaves. Oleanders are grown for their profuse, showy flowers, which come in every shade of pink and include apricot, crimson and white. These spring and summer flowering plants are very showy and will survive in poor soil, but do prefer full sun. They are ideal for borders and hedges as they grow quickly, can be kept at a desired height and are attractive to look at
These include annuals, perennials and shrubs. Native to the Mediterranean regions, they are grown for their showy flowers, which are shaped like shallow cups and come in all shades of pink, purple and white. With petals often marked or striped in darker shades. The most commonly grown species is the annual, Lavatera Trimestris, which is raised easily from seed sown in the beds or borders where the plant is to flower
These have dainty pendant flowers, which come in a wide range of colours. Ideal for shady terraces; Fuchsias need rich, moist soil, partial shade and shelter from the wind. They offer year round enjoyment in the garden and are also perfect for hanging baskets and shaded window boxes
A wonderful flowering shrub in the garden, it produces masses of powder blue flowers in summer, great for an informal hedge    

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