Wednesday, 12th August 2020

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Why put up with pain?

Why put up with pain?

The Chiropractic Centre offer help with a whole range of problems

by roberta couchman

Sharon Coleman Steiner is a British trained Chiropractor and a valued member of the medical teams at both the San Roque healthcare and Marbella Medical and Dental centres. Chiropractic treatments are a highly effective and natural, non invasive means of treating bone related conditions. Among others, these conditions can include back and neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, headaches, joint pains and sports injuries.

The typical consultation will start with a thorough case history, followed by a physical examination, which will include neurological tests as well as chiropractic tests, related to joint motion and muscle function. X-Rays or scans may also be taken and treatments include specific spinal joint manipulation or adjustments, as well as soft tissue therapies on ligaments and muscles.

Because chiropractic treatments are gentle and safe, they are suitable for all ages; this can include infants suffering from birth traumas, abnormal head shape, colic, allergies and asthma. The elderly and those suffering from joint stiffness or reduced mobility may also benefit from chiropractic care.


Pregnant women find the benefit of regular chiropractic consultations are keeping the pelvic ligaments balanced, easing discomfort and inter-uterine constraint and in some cases can even allow a breech baby to turn naturally.

Like most chiropractors, Dr. Sharon Coleman believes that prevention is better then cure and that we should strive to keep our bodies in optimum condition. So if you want to improve your golf, tennis or any other sport, not to mention your chosen lifestyle, then it is best not to ignore those niggling little aches and pains. By getting your spine and joints finely tuned you can keep yourself in tip top condition. According to Dr. Coleman, the biggest frustration is knowing that there are thousands of people who could be helped, but they don’t realise it.

Many feel they have to live with the pain often putting it down to old age or Arthritis and although some conditions cannot be cured, symptoms can be considerably eased and preventative advice can reduce the likelihood of a relapse. It’s been Dr. Coleman’s experience that people who work at computers, drive long distances or look after very young children will suffer some degree of discomfort and not only is this painful at the time, but could be storing up trouble for the future. If you fit into any of the above mentioned categories, give The Chiropractic Centre a ring, after all, you don’t have to put up with pain.

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