Monday, 18th January 2021
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Living with your garden

Living with your garden

Renaldo covers the all important topic of garden design this month

by Renaldo Pardini

Good garden design is the most essential ingredient in creating the perfect garden. Visit any well planned garden or look at professionally designed gardens on television programmes and what do you notice? One feature you may notice stands out and that is, the gardens are broken up into different areas. This may include an area for recreation, a lawn, water feature and even an area for quiet contemplation. Yes, a garden does have many facets; it is a coming together of the likes and needs of the owners. There should be a section for everyone to enjoy, including a part set aside for children to play or be involved i.e., a vegetable or herb patch.

The garden should be considered an extension of your home. The house was designed professionally by an architect and all needs and want would have been taken into account, so why not the garden? It is a sad fact that many people just plant up their gardens with no thought of design and the long term effect.

Well designed gardens improve with age; plants grow to the correct height for their location. No planning or design can lead to costly mistakes later on and plants becoming overgrown or too large for the area they have been placed. In the case of trees it can be very costly to have them removed later on.


When designing a garden from scratch, have a good look at the size and shape of the plot. Do your boundaries need dense planting to block out neighbours? Or do they need to be designed in such a way as to make the best of the available views? Enjoy all the spaces of your garden; do not waste the chance to create something stylish and artistic. Try to have a space especially for friends or family to sit outside on summer days and to include a terrace, balcony or a decked area with a large umbrella or gazebo.

Planning is the key to success; walk around your house and try to imagine the view you would like from each window. Don’t think of the house and garden as two separate places, but try instead to think of them as a whole and complimenting each other. Whether you prefer a formal or informal garden, design is still important. Experiment with different types of paving; mix surfaces and create patterns, circles, curves, squares or even triangles; and don’t forget to work out the colour scheme, planting and ornamentation.

Take up the challenge and create a living garden! Happy gardening!

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