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Surviving summer heat in the garden

Surviving summer heat in the garden

This month, summer tips from Renaldo

A sound knowledge of the Mediterranean climate is very important in helping the gardener establish and maintain a garden.

Shade is important in the garden. When designing your garden make allowance for trees. Plant trees along borders and in areas where flower beds are to be planted. This will give planting areas shade as the trees grow and spread their branches.


  • Make a survey of plants in surrounding gardens and note which ones do the best.
  • Check with your local nursery, they sell plants suitable forthis climate.
  • Select plants which appeal to you. 
  • Mediterranean palms such as the chamnaerops humilis are great; they are indigenous to this area and make great structural plants in the garden.

Group your plants according to their water needs. Plants that need a lot of watering should be placed near the house to facilitate watering. Plants needing weekly watering should be placed together and plants needing less water for example aloe and cacti types must be grouped together as they need very little water and can survive a few months of dryness.

Make sure you have a well mulched soil. Dig in the mulch, plant and cover planted areas with bark chips. This keeps the moisture in the soil.


PEAT MOSS A highly moisture retentive substance formed from a variety of semidecomposed mosses. Peat moss is sterile with a slight acidic reaction. Perfect for maintaining moisture in your soil.

WATERING Water in the early mornings or in the evening. Do not water in the heat of the day. Water in the morning before 10.00 am, spray the leaves of trees and shrubs, they love it, it helps them to keep cool during the day. It is always better to give a good regular watering instead of wetting the surface lightly, this is of no benefit and disturbs root growth as the roots tend to grow upwards to get to the water whereas if you water well and regularly they are happy to grow downwards as they should.

IRRIGATION SYSTEM The best way! Gives the garden regular watering, can be adjusted to summer and winter watering, times and frequency of watering can be adjusted. Plus it is more economical and practical and the garden is not neglected when you are away.

PERGOLAS Great for summer shade, find that perfect spot in the garden. Any structure will do. Cover it with a creeper or vine, Place a bench or table and chairs underneath and you have a perfect place to enjoy the garden
and out of the scorching heat!

SUITABLE COVERS FOR PERGOLAS Bougainvillea, granadilla, clematis, honeysuckle, golden shower, ivy, grape vines, jasmine or wisteria.

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Unlived garden

Thank you Renaldo. I found this most interesting. Especially intelligent I thought was the planting of trees to shade future flower borders. We have just bought a wonderful property but the garden has never been loved and needs to be re designed. Most of it lays at a lower level but is not realy steep. I just know that it could become a stunning garden but I realy could do with some advice. Any suggestions?We live in Mijas in Costa Del Sol.

Rated: 5/5 (19th August 2015)

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