Friday, 14th August 2020

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Mind Magic

Mind Magic

Overcome LifeÂ’s Challenges, using the power of your mind says Antonia Behan

“Your thoughts create your reality”. How you think determines how you feel, thus affecting your physical and emotional well-being. By changing the way you think it is possible to change your quality of life dramatically. Changing your thought is an alchemical process: the transformation of energy from one state of being to another: negative energy to positive energy.

The secret to mind alchemy is conscious awareness.

Although we often think of turning lead to gold when we consider alchemy; it is actually the process; the transformation of energies and not the product of alchemy that holds the true power.

Mind alchemy is the ability to consciously make the shift from a negative to positive mindset in any given moment simply by choosing to do so. This means detaching from emotions and negative thoughts, which you can achieve by standing back and becoming an observer of your life. From this point of observation you will see things with greater clarity and be able to rise above the dross of negativity and intense emotion. Being honest with yourself about how you are thinking and feeling is the secret to mind alchemy: it is what allows you to choose to detach from the self and become the observer and so master of your life.

To practice the alchemy of the mind is simply a matter of making a conscious intention to change your thoughts and to commit to following through with the new conscious choices you make.


How to become an alchemist of your own mind:

  • Be honest about your true emotions.
  • Listen to your silent thoughts as they also hold power.
  • Be clear about what you want to change in yourself.
  • Focus on one thought that is negative and holding you back and turn it into a positive thought.

As you do this, notice the emotions that come up and watch them; observe them. Become like a boat riding the waves of emotions: you feel them, but you do not drown in them.

We all have the ability to change how we think, feel and act. In time the alchemy of the mind becomes a precious art where it is possible to use this gift to overcome any obstacle in life and thus become a master and conscious creator of our own lives.

We often think our emotions rule our lives, but that is not simply not true. Our emotions are an aspect of being human. Our emotions are created by the way our mind thinks: positive thoughts create positive emotions.  But it does not end with the our thoughts, for we can also rise above our thoughts into a selfless place where we simply watch our thoughts and make conscious decisions about how we want to think. Beyond the thinking mind, is the spiritual mind and it this aspect of you that holds the true power.

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