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Neall Alexanders

Wentworth holds an enviable reputation for creating kitchen furniture with outstanding style and exceptional quality.

Neall Alexanders
144 Abbeydale Road
South Yorkshire
S7 1FF

Telephone 0114 255 8861
0114 255 8862
* Kitchen
* Kitchen Fitters
* Taps
* Sinks
* Work Tops
* Kitchen Designers

Represented by an exclusive group of selected retailers across the UK, Wentworth holds an enviable reputation for creating kitchen furniture with outstanding style and exceptional quality.

The gallery brings together just some of our exciting collection of designer kitchens ranging from traditional woods to contemporary finishes. Each with the flexibility to work in any environment and designed to suit all tastes and budgets.

Wentworth kitchens are made to order by experienced craftsmen who combine traditional furniture making skills with innovative manufacturing techniques.

All Wentworth kitchens offer a 10 year guarantee to ensure complete customer satisfaction every time.

Our kitchen styles include: 
English Revival
New England

Go to our website for further details.
Quality Matters
"the inside story" - not just a pretty face
Open a door ...
Is the interior of the cabinet colour co-ordinated ? If it's not, it may be be an inexpensive cabinet. We offer a choice of over 20 colour combinations to suit our range of doors.

Look inside the cupboards ...
Are there lots of unnecessary holes ? Spare holes are unsightly and are purely there to reduce construction costs. Our cabinets are drilled for a specific use with over 500 variations available.

Now pull out a drawer ...
Does it run smoothly ? Check that the runners support the drawer from underneath and not the sides. Tap the base of the drawer. Does it feel solid ? How much weight do you think it will stand? Our titanium drawer boxes are capable of taking up to 30Kg in weight and are fully extendable. They also feature Blumotion which is a self closing system that works by cushioning the drawer 50mm from the cabinet edge and pulling it shut in a soft, controlled way protecting both drawer and contents.

"construction" - will it last
'Flatpack' or' Rigid' ? Look underneath the wall unit
A 'Flatpack' cabinet has numerous components that must be assembled. Plastic caps are then used to cover the concealed metal fittings. A 'Rigid' cabinet is factory-assembled and squared under pressure using traditional 'Dowel & Glue' joints. It is superior to 'Flatpack' but not necessarily more expensive as assembling 'Flatpack' units on site can be time-consuming and costly.

Look at the shelves ...
Are they of the same thickness as the side panels ? All too often shelves are inadequate for their use. Our cabinet sides and shelves are 19mm thick and have solid metal shelf support .

Check the back panel ...
Is it securely fixed to the sides of the cabinet ? A fitted back panel dramatically strengths rigidity. Our back panels are 8mm Medium Density Fibreboard and are fitted during factory construction as an integral part of the cabinet.

Examine the drawers ...
Do they appear solid and secure ? Self assembled drawer boxes are prone to losing their strength. Weak bases may bend under weight, and front panels can become loose over time. All our drawer bases are factory constructed from 16mm metallic effect MFC and rigorously tested to the highest of standards.
'Rigid' cabinets are factory constructed
'Flatpack' cabinets - supplied as components
"fitability" - will it fit ?
Look at your kitchen environment ...
Do you have adequate workspace and storage ? The art of successful kitchen planning is to maximise the space available to create a kitchen that is both practical and functional without compromising on style.

We can help ...

We offer cabinets in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
We have cabinets to fit the kitchen without the need for large ugly 'filler panels'.
We can place the oven or microwave at the height you want.
We offer cabinets to vary worktop heights to suit most requirements.
We supply a wide range of accessories to maximise your storage space.
"All Wentworth manufactured products carry a 10 year guarantee"

kitchen shapes  
L Shape Kitchen   Galley Kitchen   
The L Shape kitchen is perfect for smaller rooms where space is limited. Units are designed to run adjacent to one another leaving opposite walls free for access. The shorter side of the 'L' can be turned into a breakfast bar or the open sides left to allow for an island unit for a table and chairs . This can often be found in properties where you have a narrow kitchen area. All units and appliances etc are placed along one wall with access left free along the facing wall.  
U Shape Kitchen   Double Galley Kitchen 
The U Shape Kitchen is perfect for large kitchen areas where storage is paramount. Cabinets and appliances are placed along three sides with the fourth side left open to feature either a table or an island unit separating the kitchen from the dining area.
 Here a run of cabinets are placed along facing walls allowing movement across the kitchen between units and appliances. Although Double Galley Kitchens offer greater storage it is imperative that enough space is left in the centre aisle for access.
the rules  
Short of space ?
The biggest gripe about kitchens today is the lack of storage or worktop space. This can be avoided however through clever design and careful planning.

Many kitchen designers find that the easiest way to plan a kitchen is using the 'Kitchen Triangle'. Take the three most used elements i.e. the sink, cooking and fridge areas and place them in a triangle in your kitchen. This allows easy movement between the elements and helps you maximise relevant storage in between.

The 'Kitchen Triangle' is not always achievable i.e. in a Gallery kitchen, however it provides a good starting point to help you with your design.

check list  
Creating the perfect kitchen is not just about choosing the right cabinets and appliances..

Decide on your surfaces...
What kind of worktop do you need? Worktops are as essential to a kitchen as the furniture, and are subject to considerable wear and tear. It is important that you select the correct material for your requirements. Our Wentworth designers are able to recommend a whole variety of worktop ideas including glass, stainless steel and granite.

Consider the lighting...
What type of illumination do you need? Lighting can make a considerable difference to the presentation and functionality of a kitchen. Ensure that you place adequate lighting over cooking, preparation and dining areas. Our Designers can offer functional strips, spot lights, halogen or even dimmer switches for dining areas to create a variety of moods.

Select your sink and taps...
What about brassware? Sinks and taps often get overlooked in the style stakes but there are a fantastic range available on the market designed to suit your choice of kitchen whether it be traditional or contemporary. Wentworth offer a innovative range of sinks, from leading Dutch marque Reginox, in granite, ceramic and stainless steel along with an inspirational collection of Italian taps all designed to complement our furniture collection.
Do you want fitted or free standing units?
Do you need more worktop space?
Do you want to incorporate larger appliances
i.e. a range cooker or a separate freezer?
Do you need specialised cupboard space
i.e. wine rack or display area?
Do you want to incorporate a dishwasher or a utility area for laundry?
Do you need space to store your rubbish bin?
Do you need a dining area and, if so, for how many people?
Do you need an area for feeding pets?
what will it cost ?
The cost of your new kitchen will fall into several categories. On ourwebsite you can enter the total amount you have planned for your kitchen project, then click on the "calculate" button. The approximate costs for each category will then be displayed in the worksheet.

Case study
Kitchen Furniture 
Think about the amount of storage space you need and how you can optimise the room you have.

Laminate Worktops
Look to create plenty of workspace around the sink and cooking areas.

Electrical/Gas appliances
Position your appliances to keep installion costs to a minimum e.g. locate your dishwasher next to the sink to reduce plumbing.

Sinks & Taps
Select a suitable sink and tap to match the style of your kitchen.

Fitting & Plumbing
Ensure the installation of your kitchen is performed by a fully qualified and reputable fitter.
Tiling & Flooring
Ensure that you select the appropriate tiles and flooring for heavy duty kitchen use.
Approximate breakdown of costs
kitchen furniture (40% of total cost)     
laminate worktops (15% of total cost)     
electrical/gas appliances (20% of total cost)     
sinks & taps (5% of total cost)  
fitting & plumbing (10% of total cost)    
tiling & flooring (10% of total cost)      
About Us
Wentworth heritage
The Wentworth brand has been associated with the kitchen industry for over 25 years.

Renowned for offering classic styling and inimitable quality all Wentworth furniture is made to order in our factory workshops by skilled craftsman combining the very latest technology with traditional furniture making skills.

With an extensive range of units available, Wentworth allows you to make the most of the space in your kitchen and is designed and built to last using only the very highest quality materials.
Wentworth design & service
You can rely on an exceptional level of service from every Wentworth Studio, right through from design to delivery.

Our Wentworth Designers work with you every step of the way to establish your individual needs. All are highly qualified and have extensive experience in kitchen design and planning. They ensure that you maximise your budget by offering practical advice and the creative flair to help design and create the kitchen you want.

All Wentworth Design Studios are fully equipped with the latest virtual design tools. Change door styles, choose worktop colours, move units, even add tiles and flooring giving you the freedom to design and visualise your dream kitchen before you buy.

All Wentworth staff are fully trained to take the headache out of kitchen planning and installation including plumbing, electrics, tiling and flooring, by project managing the development every step of the way. You can be assured that your kitchen will be fitted by professional certified fitters for a trouble free installation.
Going Green
Consumers are becoming increasing concerned about the environmental impact of the materials they use, and recognise that they have a vital role in helping to protect the local and global environment.

As a specialist in kitchen furniture, Wentworth is proud to use a wide range of sustainable products throughout the production process. These include woods that have either been FSC certified or Pan European approved, or as originating from Managed Forests.

In addition, Wentworth strive to use metals that are recyclable wherever possible as part of a serious commitment to supporting green issues.
Request further information
For a copy of our latest brochure or details of your nearest Wentworth Design Studio please complete the form below or call our Wentworth Head Office direct on 0800 028 4466. Please note that pricing information is only available through our network of Wentworth studios.

Neall Alexanders Website
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