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Web Express Guide Sheffield Edition No. 37 Jan 2012
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Fitness Unlimited

At Fitness Unlimited we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and relaxed environment for all our members.

Fitness Unlimited
Ponds Forge International Sports Centre
Sheaf Street
South Yorkshire
S1 2BP

Telephone 0114 223 3419
0845 4515355
* Ponds Forge
* Hillsborough Leisure Centre
* Don Valley Stadium
* Concord Sports Centre
* Fitness Unlimited
* Gym Membership

Fitness Unlimited . . .
The Ultimate Health & Fitness Membership

Fitness unlimited is offered at: Ponds Forge ISC, Hillsborough Leisure Centre, Concord Sports Centre, and Don Valley Stadium.

For information on the Fitness Unlimited venues, please call,

Ponds Forge:
(0114) 279 9766

Hillsborough Leisure Centre:
(0114) 231 2233

Don Valley Stadium:
(0114) 256 0607

Concord Sports Centre:
(0114) 257 0053

Fitness Unlimited includes: gym access, swimming in the many leisure pools, yoga, fit ball, spinning, circuits, body pump, athletics track, aerobics, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and much more!

How Much?

£19.99 Off Peak / £26.99 Peak per month.

Kids membership only £9.99 per month.


FREE Unlimited Swimming
Swim 'til you shrivel with pool access 7 days a week!

FREE Coached Activity classes
Enjoy up to 2 FREE classes a week including Karate, Ball Sports, Dance, Tramp lining, Athletics, Kids Fitness, CV Gym & much more . . .

FREE kids Clubs
If youíre aged 5-13; weekend will never be the same again!

FREE £10 Children's Party Voucher

Plus Exclusive Discounts including
30% off Gymnastics, Trampolining and Diving Courses
30% off School Holiday Camps

Watch out for other special offers too!

For more information call us now
on (0114) 223 3419 or email us fitnessunlimited@sivltd.com

Golf & Fitness
Membership in One Unbeatable Package!

We've definitely got fitness and golf off to a tee with our new unrivalled membership package, golfit, offering outstanding value and variety to quality facilities across the city.

 How to join

You can join at any of the four participating sites. It's easy - all you need is...

Proof of your bank details - e.g. bank statement or your cheque book
Proof of identification - e.g. paid utility bill or driving licence

Your first payment - You can pay by cash, cheque of debit/credit card. Subsequent monthly payments will be taken from your account by direct debit.*

You can gain instant access to the facilities once you've made your first payment. However, we do recommend you have an induction before you use the fitness gyms.
*(The minimum requirement for joining is a payment for your first month's membership when you join followed by two monthly Direct Debit payments. For further information call our Customer Helpline: 0845 451 5355 or email us at fitnessunlimited@sivltd.com

Site Tours

If you are not familiar with any of the sites, why not book a tour of the facilities with one of our Lifestyle Consultants or Membership Advisors. They are more than happy to show you the range of facilities and activities available to Fitness Unlimited.

To book a tour, just contact the venue that you would like to visit or call us on 0845 451 5355 or drop us an email.



With Fitness Unlimited, you can simply choose from two great value membership packages, both of which provide access to the four venues:

OFF PEAK - £19.99

Access: Up to 3.30pm Monday to Friday. All day Saturday and Sunday.

PEAK - £26.99

Access: At all times.

(option available on PEAK membership)

£290 per year*- giving you a saving of £34!


For more information call us now
on (0114) 223 3419 or email us fitnessunlimited@sivltd.com

Corporate Membership

FREE Induction
Personal Programme
Access to four of Sheffield's finest leisure venues
Members' Offers
Extensive range of activities


If you're the EMPLOYER...

Fitness Unlimited will:

Help you to promote a healthier workforce

Act as an effective recruitment tool

Support staff retention

We can accommodate numbers large or small. For prices for groups of up to 100, just click here.

To find out about discounts available to your company for groups of over 100 employees just contact Paul Hudson on p.hudson@sivltd.com. Alternatively, you can call
0870 121 3690.


If you're the EMPLOYEE...

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is always a lot more motivating, enjoyable and less daunting when participating with friends or colleagues. So why not take advantage of this excellent scheme today - all you need is 10 people or more to benefit from the unbeatable rates on offer. Click here for further details.

Prices can start from as little as £15 per month, per employee, for group membership.

To arrange an appointment with our Sales Team, email Amanda Wild at a.wild@sivltd.com or 0114 223 3536

Payment Options

1. Annual payment in full by company or individual

2. Monthly Direct Debit payments by individual (first payment by cash or cheque.)


For further details of the packages available, e-mail us at

Alternatively you can contact us on:

0870 121 3690

Site Tours

We all know how intimidating it can be making that move to becoming fitter and healthier - the unfamiliarity of a new environment, participating in new activities...

That's why it's important to us that you feel relaxed and comfortable when you visit our venues.

Familiarise yourself with the facilities on offer by booking a tour with a member of our Fitness Unlimited team.

Just pop in to any of the participating venues and ask at reception or call the venue direct.


As part of your membership package, we advise that all new members, who intend to use the gym, have an induction. Our qualified Lifestyle Consultants will show you how to operate the equipment so that you get the maximum benefits from your exercise programme.

Book on the day of joining or contact the venue by telephone.

Personal Programmes

Our Lifestyle Consultants will put a training plan together for you that helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals. As a way of continually improving your fitness levels, the team will review your programme when you feel ready to move on to that next stage.

Just let any member of the team know when
you would like to advance your
programme on your next visit.

 Activity Classes

Fitness Unlimited offers you a wide range of activities, with fully qualified instructors, to suit all levels while helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals, choose from a selection of activities whilst maintaining a healthy heart and keeping in shape, these include:

Abs and back, abs ball fitz blitz, body blitz, body max, body blast, body pump, body tone, salsa, aero bike, free spirit, step aerobics, hi lo aerobics, tab aqua, aerobics, karate, tai bo, boxercise, boxfit, cardio box, kick aerobics, tone zone, studio tone, lane swimming, yoga, fit yoga, chi yoga, fusion, kundalini yoga, body and soul, circuit training, ultimate circuits, pilates, mix it up, 50:50, crew rise and shine, dance, running club, fitball.

The benefits include:

Abs Ball: An intense 30-minute class concentrating on abdominal toning and core strengthening.

Abs and Back: Intense abdominal conditioning that focuses on flattening the stomach, reshaping the waistline, strengthening the back and improving stability around the mid section.

Aero Bike: An energetic cycling workout in an aerobic class environment. Aero bike training is a fabulous non-impact way to define and tone leg muscles as well as shoulders

Aerobics: High and low impact exercise great for toning upper and lower body - suitable for all levels of fitness for aerobic movements.

Aqua aerobics: Gain from all the benefits of land based exercise, with the support of the aquatic environment. This class provides all the entertainment of a land-based class without the stress on the joints.

Boxercise: 60 minutes of advanced circuits class combined with professional and individual boxing tuition

Circuits: A series of exercise stations to challenge all body components. This class allows you to work hard but at your own pace. You get out what you put in

Ultimate Circuits: 30 minutes or 2 hours itís up to you! A series of exercise stations to challenge all body components. 

Crew: For an all over workout, learn rowing techniques with the aim of toning and improving fitness

Dance: Fun Tap & Ballet, freestyle Dance, tap and ballet, freestyle, modern jazz.

Fit Ball: A motivational cardiovascular workout with the fun, but effective assistance of a rubber bouncy ball.

Body Max: This session aims to strengthen, tone and define every major muscle group, with the use of free weights. This motivating class is pre-choreographed and is suitable for all levels.

Fitz Blitz: An intense and varied all over body workout incorporating aerobic and toning moves. Excellent for improving fitness and body shape.

Body Blast: High impact toning using weights

Body Blitz: Using barbells and hand weights work your whole body to the maximum for strength and toning benefits

Body Pump: A revolutionary exercise class that aims to strengthen, tone and define every major muscle group. This pre-choreographed and motivating class is suitable for all levels

Hi-lo Aerobics: High and low intensity aerobic movements for all levels of fitness for toning lower and upper body.

Karate: For adults and children. Learn this fascinating sport from Stan Knighton (8th Dan registered instructor). Improves self-discipline & self-defence skills whilst encouraging self-confidence & general fitness

TKO: based on karate style kicks, punches and blocks accumulated in simple patterns that are simple, fun and exciting. Benefits include great toning and maximum fat burning potential

Kick Aerobics: A non-contact body combat class with high intensity moves that include kicking and balance skills

Pilates: An all-encompassing mind, body and spirit exercise. Unwind and experience something new and incorporate this class into your hostilic approach to exercise.

Rise and Shine: A great boost to start your morning! An all over body conditioning class using steps, bands and body weight to perform a multitude of new and different exercises that will certainly set you up for the day!

Running Club: A 45 minute outdoor run with a qualified lifestyle consultant. Whether you want to get fit or loose weight this is an effective and sociable way to reach your personal goals

Salsa: A blend of Italian, American dancing, choreographed into an aerobic routine.

Step: Great for burning fat and getting fit.

Power Step: Not for the faint hearted. This class will surely get your heart rising, with propulsion movements on and off the step.

Reebok Step: This dynamic session incorporates strength and endurance.

Tai-bo: Marrying martial art techniques and aerobic formats, this workout is for both men and women. It's fun, safe, effective and it really kicks!

Tone Zone: 30/60 minutes of intense body conditioning, shaping, and toning. May use weights and bands.

Studio Tone: Work hard in this class and you'll be trim, toned and terrific! A whole body workout with an emphasis on developing core strength through

exercising the abdominals and back. Hand weights, resistance bands or barbells may be used.

Yoga: Improve posture, breathing and relaxation techniques while stretching, strengthening and increasing flexibility in your muscles.

Fit Yoga: Improve your strength and flexibility, develop balance and poise. reduces stress levels in this challenging mind and body focussed class

Chi-Yoga: Using a combination of tai chi and yoga, this will improve physical strength, increasing flexibility, balance and co-ordination while relaxing and focusing your mind

Fusion: An all-encompassing mind, body and spirit exercise. Using a combination of pilates and yoga movements

Kundalini Yoga: Dynamic Yoga to improve posture, breathing and relaxation techniques while stretching and increasing flexibility in your muscles.

Body and Soul: This class encouraged mobility and flexibility in a calm and relaxing environment

Mix it up: Do 3 different classes in one! Combine step and aerobics with body conditioning to provide an all over body workout. Hand weights are available to advance the workout

50:50 - Mix it up with 30 minutes of step, aerobics or body toning and 30 minutes or muscle conditioning for the ultimate toning session




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