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20052005-11-12 COOP (CO-Operative Group)
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COOP (CO-Operative Group)

We are the largest consumer co-op in the UK. The Co-operative Group is a business with principles - Our difference.

COOP (CO-Operative Group)
Castle House
Angel Street
S3 8LS

Telephone (0114) 2768841
* Homewares
* Giftware
* Soft Furnishings
* Carpets
* TravelCare
* Fitted Kitchens

The Co-operative Group is a business with principles - Our difference.

Our business
We are the largest consumer co-op in the UK.

We were set up in 1863 and we now have food stores, a bank, an insurance business, funeral branches, car dealers, travel agents, pharmacies and farms.

We employ over 69,000 people, have more than 3,000 high street outlets and offer online and business-to-business services. In 2004 our sales topped £7.5 billion.

Of our 3,000 outlets, over 1,700 are food stores. We are the UK leader in top-up food shopping with our Welcome convenience stores based in neighbourhoods throughout the country. We also have supermarkets and medium-sized Market Town stores serving local communities.

Travelcare arranges holidays for millions of customers in over 380 branches, as well as on the internet and over the phone.

Co-operative Funeralcare is the largest funeral business in the country. We have over 500 branches arranging tens of thousands of funerals every year.

Banking and insurance
Co-operative Financial Services includes the award-winning Co-operative Bank, Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS) and smile, our Internet bank.

Co-op Pharmacy is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the country and we have over 300 branches.

Department stores
We run 40 department stores to meet all shopping needs.

We have more than 100 years' experience in agriculture and today our farmcare business manages over 85,000 acres of land across the UK.

Cars and property
We run Priory Motor Group, a car dealership business, as well as a successful property business that manages investment and trading properties.

Syncro is our engineering and building services business.

All of these businesses are part of the Co-operative Group.

Our way of doing business

We don't do things just because they'll grab the headlines or make us 'look good'. We do things for the right reasons, because we're a co-operative.

The things we believe in are the things our members believe in and they don't change on a whim, because our values and principles don't change.

Here are just a few of the achievements we're most proud of.

We are a leader for fair trade - we sell more fairly traded products, in more stores, than any other retailer. We've also switched our own-brand coffee and chocolate to fair trade.

The Co-operative Bank was the first in the industry to launch an ethical policy based on our customers' concerns, explaining who we will and will not do business with.

Travelcare's commitment to be 'open, honest and impartial' sets it apart as a truly independent travel operator.

Nearly 20 years ago we became the first supermarket to ban animal testing on own-brand toiletries. We pioneered the introduction of Braille on packaging, and in 2002 we launched Britain's first fully degradable plastic carrier bag.

We contribute about 5% of pre-tax profit to the community, putting us ahead of all companies in the FTSE 100 Giving List published by The Guardian in November 2003.

We have a loyalty scheme to reward customers in our food stores by returning to them 1% of the value of their purchases, some exclusions apply.

With our Community Dividend scheme, customers donate the 'odd pence' from their twice-yearly loyalty scheme payments to community causes. The scheme has raised almost £5 million since it was launched seven years ago.

Our Partner Card enables customers to support their favourite local charity or community group and our Community Food Discount Card offers 10% off for community groups such as community cafés and food co-ops.

We have relaunched our responsible retailing stance after asking 30,000 customers and members what they were most concerned about. They told us and we've set ourselves new standards and new goals relating to everything from honest labelling to animal welfare.

CIS launched the insurance industry's first social accountability report and is giving its policyholders the chance to shape its policy on socially responsible investments.

We are a major contributor to Co-operative Action which supports co-operatives in communities throughout the UK, helping new ones to get started and others to achieve even more.

We know there will be many more achievements to be proud of. We're in business for the right reasons and we mean business.

Our identity

We don't exist to make a profit for shareholders. Like all co-operatives, our number one priority is to provide the best possible service to our members. This means:

making our businesses the best they can be
reinvesting in the communities where our members live.

We aim to offer our members the opportunity to:

shop without worrying about how their money will be used
vote in our elections - or stand for election
attend a wide variety of events
shape the decisions we make.

That has always been the case.

The Co-operative Group has a great heritage dating back to the very earliest days of the co-operative sector.

The Co-op sprang to life in 1844 in a community that recognised a desperate need for fairness, honesty and support for each other. The community was Rochdale, Lancashire.
In that community, 28 workers were sick of seeing their families, neighbours and friends exploited both at work, and at the hands of private shopkeepers, as they tried to buy the basics of life. They decided it was time to take action.

It was time for a new way of doing business.

Together they decided their community needed a shop that could be trusted to treat people fairly and provide them with high quality goods at a reasonable price. They decided that the best way to gain the trust of customers was to give them a say in how the business was run, and a share in the profits that their loyalty had helped to make.

The Rochdale Pioneers, as they became known, invited customers to become members of the co-operative as a way of taking a stand and showing their support for this new way of doing business. They ran their business openly, honestly and democratically, in partnership with, and for the benefit of, their members and the wider community.

This way of doing business was revolutionary. Power no longer lay in the hands of a few, but in the loyalty of many.

Until then, private traders adulterated products and gave customers short measures, reaping large profits. The customer was certainly not king.

From that one shop, a worldwide movement developed. The 'rules' agreed by the Rochdale Pioneers helped guide their business and, although they have been changed slightly to meet the needs of businesses today, they are still the hallmark of co-operatives throughout the world.

Our values

...define us as a co-operative.

Self-help - members join together to make a difference, whether it's supporting a national campaign or working with us in their neighbourhood

Self-responsibility - every member takes responsibility for helping to make the Co-operative Group a success by taking part in its activities, using its services, and being ambassadors for it

Democracy - all members are equal. Voting power can't be bought - it's one member, one vote

Equality - members must have every possible opportunity to play their part in the Co-operative Group

Equity - we are committed to rewarding members fairly

Solidarity - we know that together we're stronger so members join forces to spur the Co-operative Group on to ever greater success.

Our principles

...are guidelines which help us bring our values to life.

Voluntary and open membership - anyone over the age of 16 can join

Democratic member control - any member can vote in elections or stand for election

Member economic participation - every member is expected to be a loyal customer and it's our responsibility to give them good reason to be

Autonomy and independence - we're not accountable to shareholders. We're accountable only to our members

Education, training and information - we give members all the skills they need to play a full part in the Co-operative Group

Co-operation among co-operatives - we work with and support other co-operatives in a range of areas, from childcare to education, to promote the co-operative way of doing things

Concern for community - we reinvest in our businesses and work with our members to make communities better places for us all to live.

Other values which co-operatives adhere to are honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

By living and promoting our values and principles, we hope to show everyone that the co-operative way is the best way.

Our landmarks

1844 Rochdale Pioneers open their co-operative shop at Toad Lane.
1863 CWS (the North of England Co-operative Wholesale Industrial and Provident Society Ltd) is set up.
1867 CIS opens for business.
1868 (SCWS) Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society is set up.
1872 The Co-operative Bank, originally known as the Loan and Deposit Department of CWS, comes into being.
1873 CWS starts manufacturing.
1934 CWS Retail is formed (renamed Co-operative Retail Services in 1957).
1945 National Co-operative Chemists is set up.
1962 Shoefayre opens its first shops.
1969 The national Dividend Stamps scheme is introduced.
1973 SCWS merges with CWS.
1990 North Eastern Co-op transfers to CWS.
1992 The Co-operative Bank launches its ethical policy.
1993 The Co-operative Retail Trading Group is established.
1994 CWS sells its food factories.
1995 The Responsible Retailing initiative is launched.
1998 Travelcare launches its Traveller's Right to Know policy.
1998 The Dividend Card is rolled out across CWS.
1998 The Fair Trade initiative is launched.
1999 CIS launches the insurance industry's first social accountability programme.
1999 smile is set up.
2000 CWS and CRS merge.
2001 CWS becomes the Co-operative Group.
2002 Co-operative Financial Services is formed, bringing the Bank and CIS together under common strategic leadership.
2002 National Co-operative Chemists becomes part of the Co-operative Group.
2002 The Dividend Card is available across the Co-operative Group.
2002 Alldays is taken over.
2003 The Co-operative Travel Trading Group is set up.
2004 The Co-op brand is reviewed and new ethical retailing standards are set.

Do we sound like your kind of business?

If you like the way we do things, why not become a member to show your support? It's easy to join and for the £1 membership fee you get several exclusive benefits. What's more, in the near future we will be announcing plans to share our profits with our members.

To join, download a membership application form from www.co-op.co.uk, pick up a Dividend Card leaflet or the 'Make the Most of It' leaflet from your store or call 0800 0686 727.

If you've already got a Dividend Card but aren't a member, call 0845 0901 456. You need to have your Dividend Card handy when you call.

We want you to be involved so you can shape the way we do business.

It's a great time to join!

E-mail: Webmaster@co-op.co.uk


We're a big family of businesses

The only co-operative insurer

In the highly competitive financial services marketplace, CIS demonstrates time and time again how to be an effective business as well as a rewarding and responsible one.

The society rewards its customers with some of the most competitive products around, conveniently delivered by its network of home service representatives. Profits on general insurance business may be used to contribute to the Group through the payment of dividends.

CIS' responsibilities are reflected in its commitment to customer services and to its wider stakeholder groups through its social accountability programme - a first in the UK insurance industry.

CIS showed its ability to make a success of the government's new savings initiatives with more than 330,000 customers holding CIS ISAs by the beginning of December 2000, and is currently the top provider of regular savings ISAs and a top five provider of non-cash ISAs.

The CIS European Growth unit trust, launched in February 2000, has proved an enormous success; taking more than £166 million in lump sum business and reaching its lump sum target for the year in the first quarter alone (Source: CIS internal data).

CIS has shown a different agenda to its plc competitors by employing policies and practices that are tilted more in the favour of the consumer and the community, including our 'no disclosure' policy on genetic testing for life assurance, reassurance to all mortgage endowment customers that they are on target to repay their mortgages and the ongoing development of CIS' Socially Responsible Investment policy across its £20 billion portfolio.

CIS has also announced new projects which utilise the opportunities presented by advances in technology and changes in the financial services market to form a solid base for progress throughout the 21st century.

Visit our website at www.cis.co.uk Or get in touch at cis@cis.co.uk
Department & Home Stores

The Co-operative Group operates 39 department stores offering the 'Nation's Best Value' on everything from divans to DVDs!

Department stores sell everything for the home, many stores also offer the latest ladies and mens fashions.

Homestores sell a comprehensive range of home furnishing and electrical products.

Distribution, buying and marketing services are also provided for other societies via the Co-operative Retail Trading Group - Non Food.


Syncro offers a comprehensive range of building services through three business channels that provide a unique 'one-stop' partnership solution for co-operative and an increasing number of major retail, leisure, office refurbish-ment and public sector clients.

Syncro Projects works with customers to design, project manage, build and fit out any project - large or small - in its chosen sectors.

Syncro Facilities Management provides planned and reactive maintenance for the full range of building services including electrical, mechanical, data, refrigeration and shopfitting to many co-operative and other customers.

Syncro Equipment Services has developed from a weighing specialist to the leading supplier of retail equipment and services to the co-operative movement as well as other key businesses.

Visit our website at www.syncro-online.com

Keeping Britain Farming

farmcare is the UK's largest commercial farmer. It was formerly known as CWS Broadoak

The group farms over 85,000 acres - owned by both the Co-operative Group and private landowners.

farmcare is at the forefront of agricultural developments, such as integrated crop management, which aims to optimise high yields and crop inputs while reducing production costs and any adverse effects on the environment.

farmcare's environmental profile is maintained through the sponsorship of the Silver Lapwing Award - the UK's premier award for environmental management within commercial farming.

Like most British farmers, farmcare has had a difficult time recently. It has a new strategy focusing on being more demand - led and co-operating both internally and externally.

farmcare strongly believe that British farmers should work together, and regard production in the rest of the world as the competition to beat, not each other.

For more information visit our website at www.co-opfarmcare.com

Co-op Pharmacy

Co-op Pharmacy is the fourth largest pharmacy operator providing health care services in the community.

£239.8m annual sales
Dispenses 14 million prescriptions per year
around 352 pharmacies through out the UK
with around 2,782 employees

Visit our website at www.co-oppharmacy.co.uk

The Co-operative Bank

Customer Led, Ethically Guided

The Co-operative Bank consistently proves that ethics and success can go hand in hand. It is the only high street bank which clearly tells its customers what it does with their money. However, it also understands that whilst a third of customers cite ethics as their main reason for joining The Co-operative Bank, customers are also looking for excellent service, competitive products and a choice of channels by which to access their accounts.

In a recent major independent survey of carried out by MORI, The co-operative Bank was ranked the best high street for net customer satisfaction, eight percentage points above the average for the industry as a whole.

Over the years, the Bank has gained a reputation for innovation in the personal financial services and on many occasions has led the banking industry. One example of this was smile, the UK's first, full service internet bank, which was launched by the Co-operative Bank in October 1999.

Since then it has attracted more than 500,000 account holders and it continues to attract praise from customers and pundits alike. As well as offering a first class online banking service, smile now offers customers additional investment, insurance, travel and shopping services from its website.

All Co-operative Bank and smile customers can use more than 18,000 post offices throughout the UK to pay money into their accounts and to cash cheques. They can also access cash free of charge at more than 38,000 LINK cash machines.

Visit the Co-operative Bank at www.co-operativebank.co.uk

Visit smile.co.uk and smile!

Food Retailing

The Responsible Retailer

The Co-operative Group operates nearly 1,800 food stores. Its primary focus is on meeting the top up shopping needs of the whole community. To affect this it has developed two retail brands designed to meet the needs of towns, neighbourhoods and villages.

The Welcome brand caters for the top up and impulse shopping needs of passers by and local people. With its distinctive blue and yellow fascia it is now emerging as the Nation's number one convenience retail brand.

Our market town stores are situated in small towns, villages, or distinctive neighbourhoods. They provide top up and main trip shopping needs for customers who wish to shop quickly, easily and locally. Their blue and white fascia carry the identity of the specific town or village they serve reflecting their roots in the local community.

Both of these brands are upbeat and modern carrying ranges which have a heavy emphasis on fresh foods and reflect the needs and the aspirations of today's customer. Their development sparkled the most comprehensive refurbishment programme in the Co-op's history.

In the autumn of 2002, the Co-operative Group acquired the 600 store Alldays convenience chain. Following conversion of ten pilot stores to the Co-op welcome format, the store integration is set to roll out

The Co-operative Group has a unique offer, which no other high street retailer can emulate. Co-op Dividend has been reintroduced into our stores with one consistent offer –1% on all Co-op brands and fresh foods and 1% on branded products – being applied from May 2002. This is the most generous loyalty scheme for food products on the UK market offering the customer approximately twice the rate of return as competitor schemes and paying out twice yearly in cash. It has also been supplemented with the introduction of a Co-op Dividend Visa card which offers customers an additional 1% Dividend on all transactions in Co-operative Group stores and 1/2% on all other transactions wherever they take place in the World.

For more information visit the Dividend website at www.co-op.co.uk/dividend/

The Co-operative Group is committed to the co-operative values of honesty, openness and social responsibility. It's commitment to Responsible Retailing is about turning these values into a practical reality within the market place. As a result the Co-op has lead the way on major consumer initiatives which include a continued commitment to provide the best customer information on its own brand labels, leading the industry in its support for Fair Trade products, and introducing Freedom Foods and organic ranges into even its smallest stores to provide our customers with a responsible choice.

Visit our Home Shopping website at www.coopelectricalshop.co.uk/


A National Name in Motoring

The Priory Motor Group sells over 16,000 new and used cars each year across the country. The group covers 15 manufacturer franchises ranging from BMW to Daewoo. It is made up of 29 dealerships on 15 separate sites. The group is part of North Eastern and Cumbrian Co-op's business portfolio.

Link to Priory Motor Group at www.priorymotors.co.uk


Travelcare is the UK's largest independent travel agent and stands out in the marketplace as a consumer champion, thanks to its transparent approach to pricing, the publication of the annual Holiday Report and provision of a second independent opinion from the DG&G Agents Gazetteer. Travelcare's customer offering is based on co-operative values of openness, honesty and responsibility, distinguished by the impartial advice it provides.

Travelcare's approach to customer service is summed up in its 'right to know' policy, which is unique in the industry. Unlike other major travel agents, Travelcare has no ownership links with any holiday company. This means it is free to offer customers the widest choice from over 200 ABTA holiday companies, so that customers receive the very best value.

Travelcare is committed to offering its customers a personalised service. Whether they choose to book their holiday in a branch, by telephone or on the website, Travelcare guarantees impartial advice to help customers choose the holiday that's right for them!

Visit our Travelcare website at www.travelcare.co.uk


Caring for Britain's bereaved families

The Co-operative Group is the UK's leading funeral director, dedicated to providing extraordinary help, support and care for Britain's bereaved families. We provide a full service through more than 600 branches and conduct 85,000 funerals each year. We also operate two coffin factories and a national memorial masonry service.

But funeral traditions are changing. More people want to celebrate and commemorate the lives of their loved ones by bringing a personal touch to funerals. We are developing our new brand Co-operative Funeralcare, to ensure that every funeral is as unique as the person you have lost. We know that when people lose a loved one they feel the need to create a meaningful expression of their life through the funeral. To achieve such a distinctive tribute, our staff work together with you to shape an imaginative commemoration that recognises the individual character of the person you have lost.

But we could do none of it without our people. Our staff are professionally trained to the highest degree, and we are delighted that our business has maintained its Investors in People accreditation.

Our excellent reputation and genuine understanding of our customers and their changing needs ensure that we continue to offer our customers the very best in service and choice.

The co-operative principles remain the foundation of Co-operative Funeralcare. Caring for others and concern for the community are at the heart of everything we do.

Visit our website at www.funeralcare.co-op.co.uk

Property Division

In addition to its trading properties, the ,Co-operative Group's property and development business holds a substantial portfolio of investment properties currently valued at over £243.6 million.

Welcome to Our Viewpoint!
Full List of Viewpoints

Statement of Principles

The Co-operative Group is the one of the largest consumer co-operative organisation in the world. It is owned by its members, comprising other Co-ops who use services we provide and individual members, who shop in our stores. The Co-operative Group operates across numerous business fields - including retail, travel, funerals, insurance and banking. The Co-operative Group is best known by the public for our stores which are operated by Co-operative Retail and as part of the Co-operative Movement is one of the best known retail chains in the country.

The Co-operative Group operates over 1,600 stores throughout the UK and accounts for over 25 % of co-operative retail trade. Stores range from small community stores to the large supermarkets. Although very different, each forms part of a large organisation committed to high standards of service to customers and to our position on key issues.

We aim to deliver a quality service to customers and to contribute to the well-being and enrichment of society through good operating practices and by re-investing our profits in our business and in the communities we serve.

Our commitment...

...to serve everyone.

We aim to cater for the needs of the young, the old, those with disabilities, busy families; in fact to serve the whole community.

...to provide a high quality service.

We seek to offer a friendly, courteous and efficient service to all our customers.

...to quality and value for money.

We offer good quality products at fair prices and all our grocery products are backed by our unique guarantee.

...to provide accurate information and to respect our customers' rights.

We will always aim to adhere scrupulously to all laws designed to protect the customer, and to describe our goods and services accurately, giving as much information about them as we can. We will campaign to secure further legal safeguards wherever we believe the consumer is vulnerable in order to raise standards of protection for all.

...to the environment.

We recognise that all commercial activity has an impact on the environment, but we are determined to measure and to minimise the adverse effects of our activities while positively contributing to environmental improvement.

...to our employees.

Retailing is a business about people. We are committed to offering comprehensive training and good terms and conditions for all our employees.

...to the community.

The Co-op is part of the community and actively contributes to the well-being of the communities it serves.

...to the wider world.

The Co-op believes that it is wrong for many of the world's citizens to be condemned to a life of poverty and, while recognising the limitations of its influence, will seek, whenever it can, to ensure that producers in developing countries get a fair reward for their efforts.

Each Viewpoint statement briefly explains the background to the issue, the Group's policy and actions that have been taken. There are also other documents that provide more detail on subjects or more information to assist our customers. All are regularly reviewed and updated, and if you need any more information, we can be contacted through the Internet enquiry system, or by freephone or freepost.

Comments & Questions
e-mail us at customer.relations@co-op.co.uk or Freephone 0800 068 6727

The ICA Statement on the Co-operative Identity

A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.

Co-operatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. In the tradition of their founders, co-operative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

The co-operative principles are guidelines by which co-operatives put their values into practice.

1st Principle: Voluntary and Open Membership
Co-operatives are voluntary organisations, open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.

2nd Principle: Democratic Member Control
Co-operatives are democratic organisations controlled by their members, who actively participate in setting their policies and making decisions. Men and women serving as elected representatives are accountable to the membership. In primary co-operatives members have equal voting rights (one member, one vote), and co-operatives at other levels are also organised in a democratic manner.

3rd Principle: Member Economic Participation
Members contribute equitably to, and democratically control, the capital of their co-operative. At least part of that capital is usually the common property of the co-operative. Members usually receive a limited compensation if any on capital subscribed as a condition of membership. Members allocate surpluses for any or all of the following purposes: developing their co-operative, possibly by setting up reserves, part of which at least would be indivisible; benefiting members in proportion to their transactions with the co-operative; and supporting other activities approved by the membership.

4th Principle: Autonomy and Independence
Co-operatives are autonomous, self-help organisations controlled by their members. If they enter into agreements with other organisations, including governments, or raise capital from external sources, they do so on terms that ensure democratic control by their members and maintain their co-operative autonomy.

5th Principle: Education, Training and Information
Co-operatives provide education and training for their members, elected representatives, managers and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of their co-operatives. They inform the general public - particularly young people and option leaders - about the nature and benefits of co-operation.

6th Principle: Co-operation Among Co-operatives
Co-operatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the co-operative movement by working together through local, national, regional, and international structures.

7th Principle: Concern for Community
Co-operatives work for the sustainable development of their communities through policies approved by their members.
A brief history of the Co-operative Group

It's 1863 - twenty years after the founding of the first successful retail co-operative in Rochdale. A group of retail societies have just registered the North of England co-operative Society with the aim of supporting the growing retail consumer co-operative movement. The 300 co-ops that make up the society trade predominantly in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

It's 1872 - the group becomes the Co-operative Wholesale Society and serves its member societies by purchasing goods in bulk, enabling the hundreds of co-operatives across the country to take advantage of their collective strength. It opens factories to provide the co-ops with goods and develops services like banking and insurance to support their operations. Co-operation flourishes. CWS enters more and more sectors of the economy; never losing sight of the fact it exists to serve the needs of its ordinary members.

It's the swinging sixties! Many co-operative societies are merging and forming regional societies.

It's 1973 - The SCWS (Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society) merges with CWS, bringing with it a substantial retail portfolio.

A new Millennium - CWS is now a family of businesses whose activities range from food to finance and from farms to funerals. All these share a set of values based on honesty, openness and social responsibility.

2000 - CWS and CRS merge, creating the world's largest consumer co-operative.

2001 - the Society changes it name to the Co-operative Group, reflecting its changing role as a family of co-operative businesses.

2002 - the Group acquires Alldays, securing leadership the UK convenience retailing sector, while the creation of Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) brings the Co-operative Bank and CIS together to form a powerful force in the financial services sector.
It may be that you are looking for a Co-op other than the Co-operative Group. That's why we've put together a list of UK Co-ops.

You can also use the Co-oponline logo on our website to find e-commerce businesses run by the Co-operative Group and many of the UK's most well known Co-ops.

If you are looking for the nearest co-op shop or branch try the co-op directory it contains a list of not just Co-operative Group businesses but many other Co-ops in the UK. www.cooponline.coop

www.co-op.co.uk is the on-line hub for the UK co-operative movement and now links to co-ops around the world. Use our website to investigate worker co-ops, agricultural co-ops, credit unions, consumer co-ops, marketing co-ops and others. The information on our web site may not necessarily represent the views of the Co-operative Group.

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Christchurch Credit Union
Dundee City Credit Union
Harlow Credit Union
Irish League of Credit Unions
Leeds City Credit Union
Saltwell & Bensham Credit Union
Scottish League of Credit Unions
Seccure Credit Union
Southwark Credit Union
Suffolk Credit Union
World Council of Credit Unions
 Co-op Publications Co-op News - the weekly paper
New Sector magazine
Co-op Organisations  Co-operative Cleaners and Society Linen Society
CWS Glasgow Band
Equity Shoes
Moorcar Co-operative
New Lanark - Conservation Trust
Queen Eleanor
Watford Printers
Wortley Hall
the Co-operative Group Businesses/Services Community Dividend
Co-op Money
Esplanade Hotel
Gilsland Spa Hotel
Pelaw Shirts
The Co-operative Bank
The Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS)


COOP (CO-Operative Group) Website
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