Tuesday, 22nd January 2019
No. 63 September 2005

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Getting the house in order

Its time to turn to home maintenance before winter sets in.
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Don't give up your day job!
Leisure and Entertainment | THE PRICKLY PAIR
Don't give up your day job!
As always a big thank you to those of you who found time to send us your much valued comments, especially Meredith and Simon. We are truly chastened and promise in future to never refer to IT workers as boring. Also it has been mentioned that the language we use in our column can be a little saucy, although, in our defence, we are careful to use a row of little stars for the more profane language. So ever mindful of our more sensitive readers, we will try to tone it down a bit, after all you are all little stars to us!
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The camels of the plant kingdom
Home and Garden | GARDEN
The camels of the plant kingdom
Cacti and succulents in the garden., This month Renaldo covers a very different kind of garden.
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Health & Beauty | BEAUTY
The wonder veg: carrots
Your granny would tell you that carrots help you see in the dark, well far from being an old wife’s tale there may be some truth in that!
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