Monday, 22nd October 2018
No. 176 Pre Xmas

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Above normal (air) weight - Больше нормального (воздуха) вес

The term “hyperbaric” Greek roots: “hyper-” meaning above normal & “baros” meaning weight. - Термин “гипербарический” происходит от греческог “гипер-” выше нормального и “Барош” - вес. -La palabra hiperbárica, deriva del griego (hiper=grande; baros=presión). Significa etimológicamente, por tanto mayor presión.
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Centro Medico Hiperbarico Estepona - Oxygen Therapy in Estepona, Costa del Sol, Hyperbaric Medical Centre Estepona , Avenida España, 242, Estepona , +34 952 806 796

What happened to real Spain?
Leisure and Entertainment | THE PRICKLY PAIR
What happened to real Spain?
You can’t move for the “Big Screen Sport’s Bars” and even the Spanish bars sell bacon without bristles! Where will it all end?
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Anyone for coffee?
Health & Beauty | HEALTH & WELL BEING
Anyone for coffee?
Statistics show that in Spain over 22,000,000 people drink at least one cup of coffee per day by Sonia Fendley. Director STM NU Nummos Life SL
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