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Jensen Store

A 400 m2 showroom with Scandinavian beds, bed linen, pillows and chlidrens furniture.

Jensen Store
Nueva Andalucia
Scandinavian Beds
Designed for Sleep Comfort

Pride in knowledge
Founded in 1947, Jensen is one of Scandinavia's leading bed producers.

From our idyllic location at Svelvik, beside the Oslo Fjord, we produce more than 200,000 mattresses annually. Many of our craftsmen and women have skills passed down to them from their parents. A strong pride in our craft has become one of Jensen's hallmarks; this is why our original guarantee remains the same today as it has always been.

A Jensen bed can be distinguished by its unique feel and appearance.

Priority No. 1: Sleeping comfort
We delivered our first mattresses, made of horsehair and cotton, more then fifty years ago.

Today's Jensen products are based on a unique combination of five zoned support spring systems and materials with multi-directional stretch.

This continual innovation ensures our customers of optimal comfort and keeps us ahead of competition. It has resulted in Jensen becoming a premium name with other manufacturers trying to copy our products. But, if sleeping comfort is your No. 1 priority, choose a Jensen.

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