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Sanitas (part of Bupa for Health plans in Spain & Worldwide)

Spain's biggest private medical insurance company. Come to Sanitas and get one free year of general medicine and 18 other specialties by video consultation. Including emergencies. New & Existing members can choose from a selection of additional cover options: Pharmacy, Reimbursement Option, Reimbursement for Gynecologists & Pediatricians, Work & Traffic Accidents, Accident Cover, Temporary Incapacity, Cover in the U.S.A., Optical, Alternative Medicine, Family Assistance, Mas Vital, BLUA Digital, University of Navarra Clinic.

Sanitas (part of Bupa for Health plans in Spain & Worldwide)
Marbella, Sotogrande, Estepona, San Pedro, Puerto Banus, Puerto Duquesa, La linea,
Av. Puerta del Mar 46
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+34 951 316 610
Work & Traffic Accident Cover
Optical Cover
Cover in the U.S.A.
Alternative Medicine Cover
Reimbursement Option
Pharmacy - Chemist Cover

Your well-being is our main concern

Sanitas is Spain's oldest private medical insurance company and was founded in 1954. We are leaders in private medical insurance with close to 2 million members. Since 1989, Sanitas has also been part of the Bupa Group, the UK's leading private medical insurance company, with 7.5 million members and service offices in 190 countries.

As a member of Sanitas you will have access to an exclusive network of over 500 clinics and 27,000 specialists. This includes the prestigious Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja, Hospital Sanitas La Zarzuela in Madrid and Clinica Cima in Barcelona.

Sanitas health insurance is also the No.1 choice of the Spanish, as they know we have the best specialists and a 1st class service. For example, the entire Real Madrid football team is insured with us. Sanitas considers research and development very important. We can offer you the most skilled specialists and the best choice of methods of care and treatments. 

Our clinics/hospitals always offer the latest in medical care, with no waiting times or waiting lists. You will have access to state-of-the-art technology, one example being robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery, which reduces risks during an operation and enables faster recovery. 

With us you will have your own room with a bed for whoever accompanies you. Sanitas is always at the forefront when it comes to new technology in preventative care, diagnosis and treatments. We see the whole picture and know that preventative tests, precise diagnoses and getting the right treatment quickly are just as important as top-quality hospital care.

According to the annual survey, Key Audience Research (KAR), conducted by IPSOS, Sanitas is the highest rated insurance company in Spain in terms of quality of service and customer contact. As a member of Sanitas you can trust that you're getting the very best.v

Sanitas (part of Bupa for Health plans in Spain & Worldwide) Website
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