Saturday, 19th September 2020
No. 232 September 2020

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House Doctor

The House Doctor will help you sell your home much quicker. What have you got to loose?

House Doctor
Pstate Agent
Property Sales

"I am pleased to draw your attention to an important service which has been designed to assist you in the rapid sale of your property for the best possible price.

There is no doubt that the two most important factors involved in selling one's property are accurate valuation and proper presentation.
As the House Doctor, I will set out to advise you on how best to present your property to the market either before or at any time during the period that it is offered for sale.

It is generally accepted that in some cases the Estate Agent is blamed for not perhaps doing his job properly. More often than not, however, the resistance to purchase is because there are certain factors which prospective purchasers find off-putting or totally unacceptable. These factors can be identified by the independent eye and usually put right or improved for little or no capital expenditure.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping to secure that all important sale!"

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