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Property Mortgage Partnership

Offer of mortages at competitive terms and unique property investment opportunities.

Property Mortgage Partnership
Local 3, Barcelo Hotel,
Guadalmina Alta - San Pedro
Property Sales
Distressed Sales

The founders of Property Mortgage Partnership have over 40 years experience within Law, Finance, Real Estate and the Travel and tourism industry.

The Company has four divisions, Property Sales Division, Distressed Sales Division, Mortgage Division, Investment Division.

Property Mortgage Partnership have, through 16 banks & brokers, a database in excess of 10,000 clients in Spain with mortgages on their properties.

Clients from time to time may face problems in meeting their mortgage repayments due to changes in personal circumstances. Banks can repossess property within 3 months where the client is a non-resident in Spain. As a result many of our clients at the Property Mortgage Partnership may need to sell their property quickly and are willing to sell these properties at a huge discount to true value in order to protect some, rather than lose all of their equity.

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