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Isabellle Horses New York

I specialise in teaching professional riding for all ages and all levels. I follow the British Horse Society standards as well as the Spanish Riding standards depending on the students requirements. You will see your improvement instantly and also learn how to make a stallion dance.

Isabellle Horses New York
Isabellle Horse Riding Lessons New York
Isabel Horses
Long Island New York
New York

(+1) 516 360 4847
Professional Horse Ridfing Classes in New York
Highest Standard Riding Lessons in New York
Horse Riding Classes for all ages
All levels of Horse Training
Children and adult riders welcome
Learn How to master a stallion

I was born in England and I have lived in Andalucia (Spain) for many years. I have dedicate my entire life to horses and horse riding, having been trained in the English riding style as recommended by the British Horse Society, when living in Andalucia I was also trained by the Spanish Riding Naster himslef, Don A. Domeq.

This additional knowledge that I have acquired also enables me to ride professionally the famous Spanish Stallions as they should be ridden ( also known as the dancing horses) and I have even performed my skills on tour in various countries for some years.

I am now residing in Long Island New York where I wish to continue giving professional riding lessons at all levels and at the same time introduce the Spanish riding style as the Spanish Riding School of New York.

Having lived with horses all my life I know what makes a good horse and I how to train a good rider.

Additionally I can also train your horse to improve its perfpormance. I will endeavour to provide the best service at the price you can afford. This means that I provide horse training at different levels of training, that is from just born to knowing every trick in the book.

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You can find more information on the Isabellle Horses New York website.
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