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No. 202 February 2018

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JHK Special Garden S.L.

JHK Special Garden - relax and enjoy your outside spaces – let us do the rest... design, construction, renovation and maintenance.

JHK Special Garden S.L.
design, construction, renovation and maintenance.
Royal Grass

Your garden is an extension of your home and of yourself which is why your personal wishes are always the starting point when planning a new garden design or makeover. We have years of experience in landscaping, garden design and plant and tree selection and are able to gently advise and review your concepts for the layout of property, pathways, retaining walls, shrub borders, driveways, shade trees, herb gardens, ponds and water features or flower beds. We offer our years of experience on what will work best in your new garden, whilst still giving you the creative freedom to express the colours, fragrances and basic materials yourself. Some clients prefer to let us take control of the overall design and again this is fine, one thing is for sure your garden will be transformed into a dream outdoor living space where you and your family can make the most of our special climate.

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