Saturday, 8th August 2020

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MacTomas, your take away cook

MacTomas, your take away cook

Last year we introduced our readers to a takeaway with a difference. Practically a year later, we have paid MacTomas another visit.

MacTomas is no ordinary take away; he is your cook in his kitchen in Sabinillas.

When you do not feel like cooking and want a nice quiet meal indoors while watching a video or having some friends in, normally you need to decide what you fancy eating and where to get it from. Is it going to be chicken? Pizza? Indian? Or just some plain hamburgers?

Not so with MacTomas. His menu gives you a choice of different cooked meals ranging from Spaghetti Bolognese to Fish & Chips and Beef Strogonoff. Just phone in, order you choice and collect it within 15/30 minutes. His prices are reasonable and his portions are indeed very generous!

Good value for money.


You get a good satisfying meal, the type that always tastes better because somebody else prepared it.

There is no question that MacTomas have been well received in the community and they have recently moved from their old place near the Gran Bar to a new location in Sabinillas at the end of the Paseo Maritimo, where the boot sale used to be. It is just a clean, fresh looking kitchen with a counter from where you can see your meal being prepared.

Should you want to order a special meal, as opposed to choosing one from the menu, this can also be arranged, but you do have to give a few days notice.

To place your order by phone, call 952 893 241 (Mob 652 688 236).

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