Thursday, 28th May 2020
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Mydoom mutants mount new attacks

Two new viruses

If you have found that the Internet was extremely slow over the last two weeks or so it is because of the Mydoom virus that you have been reading and warned about by everyone, now two novel viruses are seeking to cash in on the success of the Mydoom virus.

These variants of the original bug are making their way around the net using Windows machines still infected by Mydoom.
The more widespread variant, called Doomjuice, launches a denial of service attack on the website.


The other variant, dubbed Deadhat, uninstalls other versions of Mydoom it finds and then tries to cripple a PC's anti-virus protection. So far anti-virus firms report that Doomjuice is having more success in spreading to the 75,000 or so machines still thought to be infected with Mydoom.A.

I suppose this is not the end of it either, just be careful and do not open any attachment unless you know who sent them to you.

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