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The Slow Boat to China - The WXPG Food Review

The Slow Boat to China - The WXPG Food Review

Puerto de la Duquesa – Opening Hours: from 12.00 am to 16.00 pm and from 19.00 am to 11.00 pm

The Staff
We found the staff very attentive. One is seen to fairly promptly as soon as entering the restaurant and shown to a table very politely. You hardly have time to sit that a waitress will bring on some prawn crackers and dip sauces to keep you busy while you wait for the drinks waiter and then the food waiter.

This restaurant has the advantage of a good front line location with full view of the port, which is ideal when sitting outside on the forecourt in summer. Of course one can always choose to sit inside and the main restaurant is clean, well decorated Chinese style and the tables offer ample and comfortable seating capacity, even for large groups. The table cloths were so white that they gleamed, which is an excellent sign of good care and cleanliness.

The Menu
There are two parts to the menu. First, some 26 different recommended set menus arranged to suit from 2 up to 8 diners per set menu. We found this is a most economical way to eat and still have a fair selection of dishes. Then, for the more experienced diner, a very extensive choice of 15 different starters, 11 types of soup, 15 varieties of rice and noodles, 6 eggs and vegetables dishes, 16 different kinds of fish, the same for beef, 12 pork dishes but Poultry beats them all with a choice of 35 dishes.

Wine List
The choice covers a range of Spanish Red, White and Rosé, with the exception of Mateus. The wines are well chosen as they are all well known brands ranging from 9.85 euros up to 35.15 euros. Of course Sangría is also available and it can be considered suitable to accompany a Chinese meal.  Other soft drinks and spirits are available, including Chinese tea.



Spring Rolls.
A portion of two deep fried and crispy pastry, filled with shredded vegetables, which makes a refreshing change from the traditional bean shoots. FBA – One can accompany these with soy sauce or the apricot dip sauce provided. Either way, they are quite delicious and a sensible starter before the meal.   
Team score – 8/10

Wan-Tun soup
A nice hot, light soup with wan-tuns (similar to raviolis, filled with pork), garnished with scrambled egg, Chinese lettuce and spiced with a little ginger. FBA – With a few drops of soy sauce, this seems to hit the spot, especially with the colder weather that we are having. It is light, nourishing and rather tasty at the same time.
Team score – 9/10

Main Courses

Crispy Roast Spare Ribs
These are pork spare ribs, oven baked with a little salt, served with lemon. FBA – After squeezing some lemon over the ribs, there is no denying that they tasted like spare ribs laced with lemon. We thought that they were a bit dry.
Team Score 6/10

Roasted Crispy Duck with Pancakes
Served on a platter decorated with fresh orange slices and a flower carved from carrot and placed on the hot candle stove in the centre of the table. The idea is to place a pancake on your plate, smear it with Hoisin brown sauce, sprinkle some of the thinly sliced cucumber and spring onion over the centre and then place a few slices of duck over it before rolling it up by hand and eating it. FBA – This dish has been well thought out. The first thing you notice is the lack of fat on the duck. The combination of the ingredients is a pleasurable new experience in taste: simply very good and recommended. 
Team Score – 10/10

Sizzling Chicken with garlic
Diced chicken, onions, garlic, spices in a sauce, served on a very hot metal platter and placed over the candle stove on the table. FBA – The pleasant aroma on its arrival at the table is very noticeable. We could not have enough of it; we thought that it was superb, not spicy and extremely tasty. Mixing it with the rice resulted in a perfect tasty combination. We all liked it unanimously.
Team Score – 10/10

Sizzling King Prawns
Very Large prawns, slit open over the back for easier peeling, served on a red hot metal platter also placed on the candle stove. Again the first thing you notice is the pleasant smell on their arrival as they are placed on a bed of fried onions and laced with a special sauce. FBA: - They were very easy to peel simply using the knife and fork. With all that heat I expected the prawns to be rather hard and overcooked. They were not. They were tender and cooked just right. Team Score – 10/10

Fried Rice
mixed with a little egg, peas, carrots and ham was also served on its own.


Lychees, Chinese Strawberries or Mango
We assume that there is not much in the way of desserts in the Chinese cuisine, we have never seen much of a choice in any Chinese restaurant, therefore it is a matter of choosing one of the above 3 tinned fruits or opting for a choice of ice creams from the fridge.
Team Score – 3/10

This is a family run restaurant and probably one of the best Chinese restaurants we have ever eaten at anywhere. It is not surprising that it can get very, very busy, however, no matter how busy, no one is left unattended.
Chinese restaurants are an economical way to eat out, but when you also get a good, friendly service, good food, good choice, all at a reasonable price, it is more than a bonus. We recommend it. Don’t forget to ask for the chopsticks.


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Average score: 3.50/5
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Boring same old Chinese fare

If you want cheap easy Chinese food that's adequate but not very interesting, this is the place for you. It's no surprise that the place is almost empty for much of the year.

Rated: 2/5 (23rd August 2011)

Editor's comments: Empty? When is the last time you visited? Was it before it was built? It certainly is the busiest Chinese restaurant in Duquiesa. You are probably from a competitor or have some favourite of yours. I have visited the Slow Boat regularly for many years. The service is fast, they are attentive, the food is good, not expensive and have a good front line view of the port. You are either bored with Chinese food all together and if you are such an expert try asking for something to be made for you.

every year visitors

We have been visiting duquesa and our grandfather every year. The first place we always go to is the Slow Boat to China and thats because of the good food and very frendly staff, we recomend a visit to their restaurant. Best regards from Marie-Louise

Rated: 5/5 (23rd June 2010)

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