Saturday, 6th June 2020
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At home with online education

A quiet revolution has occurred in the way our children use ICT and the online educational content available in the classroom.

And with the U.K. Government's Curriculum Online drive, the importance and benefits of ICT within schools can only grow.
But what about the educational benefits of a computer and the internet at home, especially if you happen to live overseas?
The BT Learning Centre, for a mere £3.99 per month subscription service takes some of the best content used in schools, and makes it accessible in the home.

The BT Learning Centre is an online learning resource that is linked to the curriculum which helps your family to access educational content. This enables them to revise via practice tests and past papers, research core subjects through an encyclopaedia and much more. All of this helps to improve and develop your family's learning.


The content is provided by recognised educational publishers, therefore The BT Learning Centre provides you with the means to access curriculum relevant, educational content, not only used in schools but recommended by them.

It gives you the choice so you can get more involved with your child's learning, and help them to revise and practice subjects such as Maths, Science, English and more.

Academic and vocational courses for 16+ are also offered.

Connect to and see the demos provided for the different ages.

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