Sunday, 31st May 2020

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A hot summer is expected!

A hot summer is expected!

Well, at last we have had some rain! And what about the snow!

More than 20 Carretera were closed down and some 16 other main roads in Eastern Andalucia, were affected. Even the National Rescue teams were put on general alert for a while. There was even a bit of a snowfall in Marbella.

A water shortage in the summer in Andalucia is not something to laugh about, but due to the colder than usual weather, it may well be the case the next summer will be hotter than usual.

A lot is happening this month and the major events are Mother’s Day, Cheltenham, St. Patrick and Easter. They all mark the beginning of a new season which I hope will pave the road to an improvement, even if gradual, of the current economic climate.


In the past I have often expressed my fear for the reality of the present difficult climate, I now do hope that hotels, bars, restaurants and all others businesses that depend on the custom of a foreign consumer, have at last learned their lesson, climbed down from cloud nine and now offer prices down to a more realistic level, or at least to a level that is in keeping with the quality of their service.

It is difficult to predict when there might be a recovery from the loss of 2 weeks holidaymakers to other, cheaper countries; meanwhile the more permanent residential market has grown well over all expectations, giving greater than ever importance to a whole-year-round market that did not exist in the past.

This is much better than seasonal tourism on its own. Let’s hope they do not ruin that too.

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