Wednesday, 27th May 2020

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It certainly has been winter weather these last few weeks

It certainly has been winter weather these last few weeks

The bleak, dark or dull skies are always depressing, don't you find? This is why I cannot wait for winter to be over and get back to our usual fine weather on the Costa, perhaps then people will start cheering up and stop being so gloomy.

Things keep going up on the Costa del Sol but, every now and then, unlike other places where it goes right down, they just stop going up for a while, specially when we are not quite in season.

I think people have forgotten that not so long ago, the only time when things boomed on the Costa was during school holidays and that meant Easter Holiday Week and July/August in Summer.


The residential tourism has changed the Costa's consumer market and extended it over a longer period of time but we must remember that this is a fairly new market represented by consumers and suppliers that are new to the area and who still let themselves be influenced by governing forces in their places of origin.

Yes, we have overbuilt and yes the green fees and other costs have gone up at a time when outside economic influences are not favourable, but comparatively speaking we have the better quality at the right price and the market only seems to have shrunk when in reality the competition is greater.

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