Wednesday, 15th July 2020

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Infocasa putting properties into the window and on to the web

Infocasa putting properties into the window and on to the web

Mercury Internet has come a long way since it were founded eight years ago with the intention of making Internet Services as easy as possible for users.

The service was certainly needed and it soon became the largest IT Company on the Costa del Sol.

The success of the company enabled it to expand in other related areas, and three and a half years ago it started building InfoCasa, a software program designed solely for real estate agencies and which made full use of opportunities offered by the Internet. A fully-featured property database that would seamlessly manage both the local office requirements AND the client’s website at a touch of a button, send emails directly within the system, modify and manage photos directly and share properties simply with other agencies.
Mercury Internet has already invested more than 10 man years of development into InfoCasa and the product is stable and reliable. It is built upon a MySQL database for rock-solid reliability and speed.

A software built for Real Estate Agents, as required by Real Estate Agents and constantly upgraded as suggested by Real Estate Agents through experience of use and new market demands. 

What is even more attractive about InfoCasa is the cost. After an initial setup fee which covers the complete implementation of InfoCasa including the personalized website and reports, the actual cost is 200€ per month for a ten user license. This includes all upgrades, technical support and web hosting of your domain. The upgrades are done at a click of a button whenever a new version is released, to ensure that all users have the latest possible version, at no extra cost.


Of course it is very secure, if you have one branch then your private details never leave your office. If you have more than one branch then government strength encryption is used. From an original moderate expectation of about 15 clients, InfoCasa grew to a business with about 50 clients two years ago, and has now become the most widely used program for Real Estate Agents in Spain, with over 1500 Estate Agents using the software in 300 offices in Spain. Last year InfoCasa opened on the Costa Blanca, in Tenerife, Lanzarote and Majorca. This year the territory will be expanded still further, starting with the Costa Brava.

InfoCasa have learned to listen and keep listening to the real estate agents, so that InfoCasa may work the way that they want, rather than them having to change their way of working to fit around InfoCasa.

What started as a simple, day to day “curing process” to put right problems created by other real estate software providers, has now changed to an objective to provide the best real-estate software - bar none. 

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