Friday, 5th June 2020

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Virtual Humour & QUIZes!

Just a few items for a giggle. Don't miss on the Quiz, you could win a nice meal for two.

Two cows in a field. One says to the other 'What do you think about this mad cow desease?' The other one replies 'Blimey! A talking cow!'

An old lady owned two monkeys. One day they both died, so she took them to the taxidermist, 'So you want them mounted?' asked the taxidermist. To which she replied: 'No. Holding hands will do just fine.'

Three Irishmen worked in the Guinness brewery, when one day one of them fell in one of the vats and drowned. It was up to the other men to tell his wife what had happened.
They went to his house and his wife invited them in. They sat her down and told her how her husband had drowned after falling into the big vat of Guinness. 'Was he in any pain?' asked the wife. 'I don't' know,' said one of the men, 'But he climbed out twice to go to the toilet.'



If you do, win a free Traditional Irish Sunday Roast with a bottle of wine for TWO persons at Flaherty's Irish Restaurant at the Puerto Deportivo in Sotogrande.


Send your answer by the 5th March, 2005 to or Fax to 952 893 146. The first name drawn will be declared the winner. 

1. In 1987, George Davis was the boss of which fashion chain?
2. What is the capital of Sierra Leone?
3. What is the connection between an Archbishop of Cape Town and a short ballet skirt?


An accountant is having a hard time sleeping and goes to see his doctor."Doctor, I just can't get to sleep at night." "Have you tried counting sheep?" "That's the problem - I make a mistake and then spend three hours trying to find it."

Two men were changing in the locker room after a game of tennis. One notices the other one is putting on a pair of stockings and suspenders. He says "When did you start wearing them?" To which the other man replies, "Since my wife found a pair on the back seat of the car."

The company sergeant is briefing the recruits: "For the next ten weeks the commanding officer will be your father, and I will be your mother. Incidentally we are not married, so you know what that makes you..."

Who Am I?

Name this person and WIN a meal for 2 (Value €50) at Restaurante El Barlovento, now moved to Hotel las Camelias, in Torreguadiaro, at entrance to Puerto Sotogrande. Fax: 952 893 146 or e-mail by 4th March. The first correct answer to be drawn will be the winner.

I am an English author of a series of children's books that have become classics. I was born in London. I was best known for my several whimsical plays, popular in the 1920s, including Mr. Pim Passes By (1919) and The Dover Road (1920), as well as a few novels of contemporary life and one detective story, The Red House Mystery (1922). Perhaps best known for the juvenile verses and stories I wrote for my son, Christopher Robin.  These delightful books include When We Were Very Young (1924), Now We Are Six (1927) and The House at Pooh Corner (1928). Not only Christopher Robin himself, with his stuffed bear Winnie-the-Pooh, but also I created the other fanciful characters: Kanga and Roo, Eeyore the donkey, Tigger, Rabbit and Owl. Who am I?

(Last month's winner was: Miss Lisa Teagus from Guadalmina.)

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