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Horoscope Feb to March

Horoscope Feb to March

Problems, Money, Career, Health, Love. This may well help you to take a peak and see what may be in store for you between the middle of this month and the middle of March. See what Amethyst predicts for you.

by Lola Amethyst

Pisces 20 - 2 / 20 - 3
Pisceans are the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, so it is no surprise that this month you will be trying to find a balance between your spiritual values and your career. You will be in a battle between body and sprit. Try to find common ground, devote more time to family and relationships, this will have a positive affect on your career. As always, follow your intuition, wealth awaits you. If single be yourself and love will find you, if in a relationship your partner will go out of their way to please you.


Aries  21-3 / 20-4
Socially, you will meet many new acquaintances who bring forth the opportunity for romance and financial benefit. New friendships are the focus for the month ahead, which brings lots of interesting projects. Health is great, most probably because of all the activity you are involved in. A financial idea comes through a dream or advice from a physical type of person; expect to find love in mystical places.

Taurus  21-4 / 21-5
Unexpected career developments this month cause uproar with your domestic life, maybe a house move is on the cards. Career is your highest priority right now and your hard work pays off with a promotion. Taureans have the ability to achieve success in anything they put their minds to, but try to focus on one thing at a time. Love looks good this month with a new romance linked to the work place.
Watch out! Someone has their eye on you!

Gemini 21-5 / 21-6
Gemini's enjoy! Success is at hand as this is one of the most important career periods of the year. Gemini's love is to be centre-stage and you will certainly be in the lime light this month. Travel, linked with work or business, only heightens your success. The study books are coming out and with them new opportunities. Love is happy but complicated. Not sure what you want? Patience is a virtue. If single, you will have plenty of places to meet others, go with the flow and enjoy the moment.

Cancer 22-6 / 22-7
Socializing can boost your career this month and your partner's connections help; you will find it hard to balance an active career and home life, which may cause emotional stress. Opportunities linked with travel only heighten the situation. Watch your health when stress levels get high, learn to relax more. In love you will find yourself in a competing relationship. What's more important, your goals or his?

Leo 23-7 / 23-8
Love is in the air and you can look forward to a passionate month ahead, expect lots of invitations. If single it may be love at first sight for the confident lion, with your libido at an all time high, you will need to pay more attention to your sexual health. Focusing on yourcareer will make dreams come true. Wealth comes from foreign lands; this is an excellent time to do some financial planning.

Virgo 24-8 / 23-9
Change is in the air, and for the orderly Virgo this is hard to handle, you need to get comfortable with change, there is always something better out there. You need to learn to rest and relax; being health conscious is a good thing, but try to find a balance. There are many love opportunities and excitement this month, try not to be too clingy, everyone likes their own space. Start working on those goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year.

Libra 24-9 / 23-10
You are trying to find that perfect balance between a happy home and a successful career and come up with some interesting ideas. A home based business could be the key. Living a healthy lifestyle is a positive step to improving your vitality this month. Those with health problems should hear some good news. Job seekers find success this month, a job offer could come from an unlikely place. Look closer to home for a love interest, if in a relationship there maybe some tension between your lover and your family.

Scorpio 24-10 / 22-11
You will find yourself focusing on home and family this month, this brings new opportunities to earn through property or a family business. You will place great importance on building a stable home, DIY is on the cards and can cause passions to run high with a family member. In love we see the scorpion enjoying the good times with parties and social events, maybe an old flame comes back on the scene.
Let's hope that sting of yours stays in your tail.

Sagittarius 23-11 / 21-12
Keeping up with the Jones is the motto for this month and you will be deeply involved in improving your premises and creating your dream home. You will be concentrating on finding your comfort zone this month, while still working on your career in a subjective way. Earnings are strong this month but think before you splash out.  Singles find love close to home, maybe with Mr Jones.

Capricorn 22-12 / 20-1
You need to decide what you want and then go for it. This should not be too hard as you feel like you can conquer the world right now. Dream big and stay focused, all will come in good time. This month you will be focusing on home and family and you can expect a family member to pay you a visit. Home improvement is on the cards, let's hope you get it done before the mother-in-law arrives. Your health is great this month and you are looking good, this may have something to do with your usually strong libido. Wear red and knock him dead.

Aquarius 21-1 / 19-2
Life is great for Aquarians this month and they certainly know it.Spend, spend, spend, you can never have too much of a good thing, looking good and feeling great you are at a personal- pleasure- peak. You have the power to change and create great things. Wealth is good and an increasing interest on your part brings more financial reward. You have great energy at your disposal; try not to let your temper get the better of you. Love seems happy this month, keep on communicating.

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