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The Real Estate Sector is using new Marketing Techniques.

The Real Estate Sector is using new Marketing Techniques.

Published by El Mundo 28 - 01-2005 Carlos Uriarte, president of Proincasa, status that in the course of these last few years, the increase in competition within the property sector has been notable.

This is mainly due to the continuous increases in price and the opening of so many new property companies and estate agents, all trying to make room for themselves in Andalucia, mainly on the Costa del Sol and Marbella.

These conditions have raised the level of professionalism of all within the industry, from the promoter to the agent.

Marketing tools, which have been of major importance for a long time in other industries, are now being accepted and adopted by the industry.

Large promotional campaigns, aimed at being better recognised by clients, are becoming more frequent. For example, it has become common place to ensure that the company's logo and image are maintained uniform throughout all the advertising and promotional material used. 

We have even observed the adoption of some new techniques, such as properties being offered at special discount during exhibitions or purchased during specified times. Some have introduced the creation of exclusive clubs to which only buyers of specific properties are admitted.

Communication at the point of sale has improved tremendously.

I find it particularly interesting to notice some major new developments within the industry, like the provision of after sales services, which create a very special bonding relationship between buyer and promoter, well beyond the normal purchase and sale of a property. This gives the industry a major added quality.

The other aspect is the adaptation of the industry to the new technology and the use of Internet via different portals and their own web pages, which allow for all sorts of enquiries to be made, including pre-booking properties.

Customer Relation Mana-gement techniques, well established within other industries such as banking, are now being developed and adopted by the property industry in response to the increasing necessity for technology and the strengthening of clients relations.

These business techniques, intended to develop a strategy for anticipating, knowing and satisfying the present and predictable needs and wants of clients, are now taking primary importance.


Property Prices still going up to end of last November.
According to data put forward by the Consejo General del Notariado, despite the slowdown in price rises, the cost of residential property did go up by some 19.8% up to the end of November in comparison to the previous equivalent period.

The average mortgage value borrowed in October is ub by 18.4%
The mortgage figures recently presented by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) show that the volume of borrowing is levelling off, however the average mortgage value has continued to rise yearly to a notable 18.4% currently.

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