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Torrequebrada Golf Course

Torrequebrada Golf Course

Well, my prediction last month was completely way off! Where I was hoping the weather to be an improvement, I was faced with more wind and rain, and not forgetting, the freezing cold. But, I was looking forward to warming up with a challenge on the Torreq

We have all heard of the back seat driver, well when you have four in a car, all thinking where to be, which was a different direction in every case, you can imagine the mayhem of navigation, but we eventually managed to locate the entrance just 3km inland from the Benalmádena casino.
Torrequebrada has stunning sea views and is very popular with visitors. The excellent facilities available include changing rooms, swimming pool, sauna, paddle tennis, and tennis. The Club House, terrace bar and restaurant overlooks the 18th hole and the Mediterranean Sea and comes complete with very polite and courteous staff.

We paired off into teams with my friend Bernie and his partner Martin (6 handicap), who owns a fish and chip shop in Fuengirola, and Lester with myself (16 handicap). Mr Fish, alias Martin, started of with a story to put us all in a good frame of mind.
A customer entered his shop just as he started frying.
"Two pieces of cod please" asked the customer.
"Won't be long.", he replied.
"In that case you'd better make them fat!"
Mind you, it was not the only hilarious thing that was to happen on the fairway. It seemed that nearly every ball I hit either headed out of bounds or into the woods, literally anywhere but the fairway. Although it did give me a chance to view the 100 different types of trees and the 300 species of shrubbery that line the courses.

After about the third or fourth hole, my friend Bernie started to apologise about my state of play, stating that he had only played with me on one occasion! This being a complete lie, I decided to get my act together and "get my own back!"
Unfortunately, my partner Lester had somehow joined in my earlier attempts of "Army Golf". So bad was our play, that our opponents were giving 3 & 4 ft give-aways on the greens. But this is where they fell into our trap (honestly), as in the next couple of holes my play had started to improve.


On the 6th hole our luck had changed, we managed to win this one, and so it continued, so by the 10th hole we were all square. Now it was time to get serious. Which is necessary on this course as every fairway has been designed differently, with water hazards and well placed (or should I say "In the way") bunkers making every decision of club extremely important. Caps off to the famous Spanish designer, José "Pepe" Gancedo Gómez, for a most pleasurable golf course.
The obligatory Mars Bars and teas came out on the 11th. We were all enjoying this challenging course which was improving our game, and incidentally, the weather had decided to follow suit. We all agreed that anyone and everyone would enjoy playing at Torrequebrada Golf, especially when you consider that the Spanish Open was held here back in 1977.

I thought to myself that it doesn't get much better than this. With 3 good playing partners, good stories and a fantastic golf course. Pure bliss!
The final icing on the cake came when Lester and I won the last two holes to win a small wager. Although, whilst enjoying tea and cakes in the Club House, I remembered about the saying "winners being losers" due to the fact that whoever wins the round, pays for the refreshments!
Not to worry, as this did not dampen what was a fabulous day of golf in wonderful surroundings. If you have not been here before, I would suggest you to pack your clubs and caps, and head on down. It will be a day you will never forget.

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