Saturday, 11th July 2020

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4% Cashback!

The protected portfolio investment offers a tailored solution to meet individual client requirements.

Its options are:

Option 1: The aim of this option is to protect all the capital you invest - so that no matter how the stock markets perform, it is designed to return 100% of your initial investment at the end of the five-year term. Plus, it also allows you to benefit from the average growth of the 'protected portfolio', with no upper limit.

Option 2: The aim of this option is to protect 80% of the initial capital you invest, but with the potential for additional investment growth. Again, there is no upper limit to the amount you could receive at the end of the five-year term. This option is designed to pay, at the end of the term, 80% of your initial investment plus twice the average growth of the 'protected portfolio'.



** 4% CASHBACK is given direct to the client so on an investment of £100,000 an amount of £4,000 would be placed directly into the client cash account**

The maturity date for this investment is 7th May 2009. You must keep all your money invested until this date for the protection to apply. If you withdraw any of your capital during the five-year investment term the original cash value is not protected. This means that the value of your investment could be less than the amount you originally invested.

For UK residents, your interest will be subject to income tax. However, if you are not domiciled in the UK, a UK tax liability will only arise if you remit your returns into the UK.
If you are not resident in the UK for UK tax purposes, you will be not liable to UK income tax, but you should check the rules in your country of residence.

If in any doubt, seek professional financial and tax advice and always read any small print carefully to make sure you understand any investment properly.

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