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56,1% of the income of Madrilenian families is absorbed by mortgage repayments

Aguirre Newman, a real estate consultancy firm, have stated that, at the close of 2003, the cost of purchasing a new apartment in Madrid represents an average of 56.1% of an average Madrilenian family's income.

This is about 6% more than the previous year.

New life styles cause an increase in the sale of small apartments.
Divorcees, working travelers, and new found freedom for women have changed the promoters' way of thinking. The majority of flats being built now are no larger than two bedrooms.
Family units have changed dramatically in the last decade and the number of people living on their own has noticeably increased. "they are independent people, foreigners, travelling workers, couples of the same sex and divorcees" explains Mr. Raúl Ortega, the commercial manager of the Ansan Group, on the Costa del Sol. "It is not that the foreign residents represent smaller family groups, it's that they usually are older and retired couples" he adds.


The "Foro Andaluz" for betterment of health and quality of life will demand new legislation that ensures that all new properties conform.
The "Foro Andaluz para la Salud y Calidad de Vida", have recently stated that their primary objective is to achieve a change in urban legislation at all levels to ensure that all residential buildings, public or private, are adapted for use by the handicapped.

At present just 3% of new buildings are legally obliged to cater for the handicapped, and that is for public buildings only. Their idea is to enforce legislation such as a minimum of 110 cm width for all passage ways (currently 90 cms.), minimum interior door openings of 90cms (currently 62 cms).
That is all very well but, is it not more pressing to attempt to comply with already existing E.U. Building Regulations? And not grant ANY building permission unless adequate parking facilities (I believe two per living unit) have been incorporated in the plans? What is the point of building more and more and not allow for cars to be parked anywhere? Does it all always have to do with the matter of "pocket lining"?

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