Thursday, 28th May 2020
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Y Texting Maybe Bad 4 U

Standards of spoken and written communication in the world of work are being "destroyed" by the use of emails and text messages, according to a new report.

A survey of company directors said the ability of employees to communicate with colleagues and customers is being hit.
Three out of five of the 100 directors polled by consultants of the Aziz Corporation said the increased use of technologies such as email had been detrimental to spoken communication skills.

Seven out of 10 said that standards of written English had fallen as a result of increased use of text messaging.

Chairman Khalid Aziz stated:
"Sadly, we are witnessing a decline in the overall level of communications skills within business".

"The blame for much of this lies in the way technology is being used in the workplace".
"While many of these new innovations can enhance a clever, well thought-out and articulate presentation, they cannot replace the ability to speak and write passionately and with absolute clarity."


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