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The WXPG food review - Platinum Sushi Bar

The WXPG food review - Platinum Sushi Bar

Puerto Banus - Cristamar Opening Hours: from 11.00 am to 16.00 pm and from 19.00 am to 11.00 pm

The staff:
As you would expect of a Japanese restaurant, the staff was extremely helpful and welcoming. Very attentive might be a good way of describing them, but withouit being overwhelming.

The Sushi restaurant is just one of the many facets that form part of the "Platinum Circle of Wellness", Sushi being one way of eating healthy. However, make no mistake, this is not a health food restaurant, it is a proper sushi bar/restaurant, the only difference between this and a traditional sushi bar is the location, you know you are entering an oriental environment even before you step past the threshold.
You have a choice between sitting at the bar, in front of the classic conveyor belt and select the different plates that go past or you can sit at a table. A patio outside is ideal for summer and that includes a Teriyaki bar. Ideal for that satisfying meal that does not bloat.

The Menu:
There is no menu for the Sushi bar, just reach out for what appeals to you as it goes past. Of course there is a proper menu and quite extensive it is, comprising fish, meat and so on. Every dish is named by its correct Japanese name followed by an English/Spanish description. Japanese food is not to be mistaken for Chinese; it is very different from any other known cuisine. It may have become "fashionable" to be seen eating Japanese, but for those who manage to acquire the taste, it may even become addictive. If you are a beginner, there are some set menus to choose from, but be sure that you do try the Sashimí (raw fish); don't be put off by the idea, it is absolutely delicious.

Wine List:
Bearing in mind the concept and the type of food, the wine list of course is limited to a few but good wines such as Faustino V Reserva or Bach Chardonnay D.O. Penes., etc. A bottle of Saké or a Sapporo beer of course are much more appropriate and are available. Apart from the usual soft drinks, to include coffee and so on, you must try the Japanese tea, though similar to Chinese it is very different, more pleasant and quite refreshing after the meal.


This is described as Miso soup with Wakame seaweed and clams. Miso is a fermented paste made from soy bean. FBA - We already know the health benefits derived from eating seaweed, adding it to the watery soup gives it flavour and reduces the taste of the sea which some people actually do like quite a lot.
Team Score - 7/10

Assortment of Nigiri
Traditional Sushi. Small cakes made out of boiled rice and covered with thin slices of fresh fish. You dip these in a small platter with soy sauce in which you may wish to dilute a little wasabi (type of horseradish) FBA - Do not be put off by the thought of raw fish because it is absolutely delicious and does not taste like what you might imagine. One or two morsels and you are hooked on it. For those who "know", we can say that they were better than we tested in Tokyo.
Team Score - 10/10

Main Courses:
Fried noodles mixed with assorted vegetables and small pieces of veal in a special sauce. FBA - Just excellent, very tasty, the added veal and vegetables complemented the usually pleasant taste of fried noodles which resulted in a very satisfying dish without bloating the stomach. Very good if you feel you need something to steady your stomach. Rather good we thought.
Team Score 9/10

Saikyo Yaki.
Cod fillet marinated in Teriyaki sauce and sautéed. FBA - I always thought that this was done with beef, so we were pleasantly surprised to see that it was fish! It complemented the rest of our choice rather well and it was very tasty indeed. It just melted away in the mouth leaving behind that pleasant lingering taste. We all liked it unanimously.
Team Score 9/10

Tempura Moriawase.
The short description is a deep fried assortment of vegetables, fish and prawns, dipped in batter. The long description is too long; nothing like what one would imagine. FBA - The display on the platter is artistic and appetising at the same time, with the different colours showing through the crisp batter. As for taste, well we all agreed that perhaps one could not have enough of it. The clear taste of prawns, fish and so on just exploded in the mouth after crunching through the batter. It is a must.
Team Score 10/10


We were not too sure about the sweets so we just ordered the one, a rice pastry shaped into small balls filled with vanilla ice cream FBA - How do you eat this? You pick it up with your fingers, bite it and wait for the surprising flavour to fill your palate. It seemed a bit like cold marzipan, though it was not. Most pleasant.
Team Score 9/10.

A very well done and presented, typical restaurant/sushi bar. The staff were all oriental though not necessarily all Japanese. It is a certainty that the cook must have trained in Japan for many years because of the authenticity of taste, ingredients used and presentation of food.
The Sushi Restaurant is part of a number of different activities centred on the new "Platinum Concept of Wellness" the new most welcome area that is being created in Cristamar. This is an ideal alternative for fast food, low on cholesterol, especially at lunchtime. For a formal lunch or dinner of course one can always sit at a table.

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