Tuesday, 7th July 2020
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The power of a Smile

The power of a Smile

Smile Clinic under new management

Ever heard the saying "A smile is a powerful way of communicating"? It shows you are at ease, confident and happy. Maintaining your oral health and a dazzling smile, however, needs regular professional help and advice. "The DENTISTS" welcome people of all ages looking for excellence in a full service general and cosmetic dental practice. They are dedicated to help their patients achieve and maintain dental health while providing comprehensive "state-of-the art" dental care.
Situated in Galerias Paniagua, Sotogrande, the modern clinic occupies the premises used by "Smile Clinic 2". It now has had a new 'facelift' and is under NEW Management. (No connections at all with the previous management). The new management may be new to Sotogrande but they have been on the coast for many years, Lotta worked at the "Scandinavian Clinic" in Fuengirola for some 9 years and built up and outstanding reputation.


There will be two resident dentists: Dra. Lotta Krist and Dr. Anders Frieman, both with extensive experience.
Lotta was in Norway for 3 years before moving to Spain. She has known her partner for twenty years and in fact trained with him in Umea, both have worked in the United Arab Emirates. Anders has also worked in Germany for 4 years. They have now opened in Sotogrande and also took over "Smile Clinic 1" in Bena Vista shortly they will also be opening in Puerto Banus.
Opening hours will be from 10am - 5pm every day except Wednesdays when the hours are from 2pm to 8 pm. at Sotogrande. The Benavista late night is on Tuesdays.
As well as the dentists in residen- ce, they can offer every other aspect of dentistry services through other consultants available.
Dra. Annika Skoglund, Swedish Oral surgery - Dr. Hasse Lundgaard, Danish Orthodontist and Jill Smallman a dental hygienist with 20 years experience in the U.K.. All are available for consultancy.

(N.B. We repeat the above article in order to correct some erroneous information that had been supplied to us).

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