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12 Ideas for Xmas & New Year

12 Ideas for Xmas & New Year

Do you need some suggestions for Christmas and the New Year? See if our presentation of the following small selection of services or shopping ideas that our advertisers have on offer this Season can help you to provide some ideas.

Try our 12 Ideas for Xmas & New Year

1. Chirine Ayoubi Jewellery
Award winning British designer offers unique designs in any style using precious metals or will transform your own ideas into reality using precious gems. Repairs, remodeling and Lorenzo Swiss Watches also available.
952 897 266

2. Patisserie Miel.
Do not forget the famous hand made Belgian chocolates from Patisserie Miel, they make a perfect Xmas present.
952 936 254.

3. Rat Pack
Enjoy a relaxed cabaret night out with friends and listen to some memorable easy listening and singalong songs from the RAT PACK SHOW 952 577 266 on the Sala Fortuna, Hotel Torrequebrada.

4. Number one for Hair
If your hair is in need of some TLC, then call Michelle at Number One for Hair and let her treat you to a new cut, colour and style. After all aren't you worth it? 952 886 953.

5. Bella Nails.
You can also tend to your manicure and give Bella Nails a call 952 808 541. You do not even have to leave the house, they will visit you. Feel the sensation of your hands being pampered.

6. Elysium SPA.
Before the party or perhaps even after, feel revitalized and refreshed in a relaxed atmosphere at the Elysium Spa. You will feel light years away form the day to day life. 952 899 600.


7. Hailwood Lodge.
Give yourself a special treat this Xmas and enjoy a traditional day and lunch at Hailwood Lodge. 952 117 206

8. Enough with staying at home? Enjoy a proper real Italian meal at Maccherone.
It is the real taste of Italy. 952 786 355.

9. Massala Restaurant.
You do not have to go back to England to enjoy a real Indian restaurant or take away. Try Massala Indian Restaurant, it is guaranteed you will be back again. 052 897 358

10. Do not siesta, it is fiesta time at the Mexican Grill & Bar. Real Mexican Food at the Puerto de la Duquesa.
606 839 314.

11. Monarch Sheduled.
Book yourself a travel bargain with some amazing great délas with Monarc Scheduled 952 048 347.

12. Why not get away from it all together and spend Christmas or New year or even both at the Caleta Hotel in Gibraltar.

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