Friday, 10th July 2020

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Cheaper Calls Through Star Connnection

Cheaper Calls Through Star Connnection

We all have come across the "Catch 22" situation where we want to talk to one of our relatives in the UK, but still have to look after the pennies in our wallet.

Well the answer is here in San Pedro de Alcántara at Star Connection. You can call anywhere, national, international or mobiles in Europe, USA, Portugal, etc. for only a few cents. An added bonus is that you are only billed by the second, not rounded up to the nearest minute.
National Calls
Local 0.030 €
Provincal 0.054 €
Inter Provincal 0.066 €
Mobile 0.252 €

International Calls

Europe 0.072 €
Andorra 0.156 €
Argentina 0.270 €
Canada 0.102 €
Cuba 1.033 €
United States 0.090 €
Gibraltar 0.120 €
Morroco 0.397 €
Portugal 0.108 €
South Africa 0.391 €
Tunisia 0.421 €

Star Connection is your complete telecommunication advisor on the Costa del Sol. Offering such services as new phone lines, RDSI lines, phone installations, ADSL lines, hardware, local networks, hardware preparation, switchboards, surveillance cameras and mobile phones to name but a few. For more information, visit their website at


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