Sunday, 12th July 2020
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Hair Loss!

Women can find that losing their hair is a life-shattering calamity.

The distress caused may then in turn create further hair-loss, due to the stress reaction within the body, devouring all the essential nutrients normally allocated to the hair. All too often, the part/ full hair loss is due to an underlying health problem which, when solved, could result in the baldness being reversed. 

According to our bodies, our hair and nails are not vital to survival. A full set of shiny, bouncy curls and perfect pink nails are some of the first things to suffer if the body does not have enough nutrients to go round. Someone suffering with an eating disorder is a good example. Eventually they will start to lose their hair as the body diverts the already small supply of available nutrients to vital areas such as the heart and brain.

Possible reasons for hair loss

Stress devours useful nutrients, particularly the B vitamins, a lack of which will affect hair growth. Scalp tension from stress tightens the hair follicles, inhibiting the oxygen and nutrient flow in the bloodstream, furthering hair shedding.
Head massage, exercise and fresh air will stimulate the circulatory system. Herbal tinctures of Valerian or Hypericum Complex (St. John's Wort) will help calm the nervous system and try Multi-vitamins including the B complex.

Childbirth. After childbirth large amounts of hair may quickly be lost, due to a sudden drop in hormone levels. This should rectify itself after several months, depending on diet.


Diet is obviously important. Healthy hair is affected by sufficient B vitamins, iron, zinc and protein. Continual strict diets, eating disorders, or regular junk-foods, all have a detrimental part to play.

Sugar. Some recent studies have linked baldness with a low tolerance level to sugar (a pre-diabetic condition). Avoid all refined sugar products - stick to fresh and dried fruit!
Silica is necessary for rebuilding connective tissues, including hair, skin and nails. Supplementing with colloidal Silicea for four months will improve thickness, skin tone and nail strength.

Kidneys. Chinese medicine states that the kidneys are connected to hair health. Drink plenty of still water, avoid caffeine and salt.

Liver. Iron is stored in the liver, vital for hair. Detox, cleanse and tone your liver with the herbal Milk Thistle Complex tincture.

Hormone imbalance. 

  • Oestrogen levels fall during menopause, affecting hair condition.
  • Women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome symptoms may have overexposure to male hormones, inducing baldness.

There are clearly many factors to be considered. Start by improving your diet, relieving stress, and take regular exercise. A visit to a nutritional therapist or herbalist would also be beneficial.

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