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Screening program for urological cancer at Sotogrande Surgical Associates

Screening program for urological cancer at Sotogrande Surgical Associates

Most cancer diseases can be cured if detected early. Screening regularly is therefore an essential part of the cure.

Why screening examination?
Even today most cancer diseases can only be cured at an early stage. In the Western Industrial Nations cancer diseases still hold the second position for causes of death (approx. 30 % of all cases of death, following cardiovascular diseases). More than one third of all cancer diseases is found in the urological sector (prostatic, bladder, testicular and renal cancers). Prostatic cancer has become the most frequently occurring cancer disease with men. At an early stage cancer diseases have a creeping course and are therefore not perceived by the patient; they can only be detected by specific examinations and tests.

What is the age at which a screening examination should be thought of?
From the 45th year in life. Most urologic societies and the WHO recommend an annual cancer screening examination for men without complaints. Irrespective of the sex, urologists recommend an annual examination for smokers and persons with cases of renal or bladder cancer in their families (from the age of 35).


Which organs are examined?
With males mainly the prostate by ultrasound, blood and urine examinations as well as a physical examination. These examinations are also suitable for the early detection of bladder and renal cancers (bladder and kidneys are included in the ultrasound examination). Upon request, the doctor's palpation and ultrasound examination of the testicles can be performed.

How much time is needed and how is the course of the cancer screening program?
The course of the program is adapted to the patient's individual needs:

Day 1: examination of the body. Ultrasound examination of kidneys, bladder, prostate (testicles if desired), blood taking (PSA), examination of urine (urine state and sediment).
Time required: approx. 30 min.
Day 2: final meeting, handing the report on results, if required, issue of prescriptions for  medicaments.
Time: approx. 15 min.

Please contact Sotogrande Surgical Associates two weeks in advance to book your program

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