Saturday, 30th May 2020

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Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and let me tell you, now I know where there are lots of friends. Right in the centre of Marbella! Just stand with your back to the Alameda and you will be facing the impressive Sejo building.

by Joanna van den Berg

I had the privilege to talk to this remarkable and interesting person, Antonio Sejo, one glance at the windows of his brand new shop and you will not be able to resist the tempting invitation. Once inside, you will be able to "experience" the beautiful and precious objects behind the protecting glass.
Everything you have ever dreamed of, yellow & pink diamond necklaces, jade necklaces, emerald brooches and even watches for both ladies and gentlemen.
Most of the jewellery is designed by Antonio Sejo and bears his signature. He works very closely with his craftsmen; they are upstairs on the first floor and some have been with his family for over 35 years.
The Sejo dynasty was started in 1883 by Antonio's grandparents in La Coruña, in Galicia.  Whereas the grandfather was more on the retail side of the business, his father was more attracted by diamonds and eventually became a diamond wholesaler.  Both men greatly influenced Antonio, who was born in Jerez and had it in his blood to be come what he is today.
His father was his mentor, and he travelled with him all over the world. Antonio was fascinated by the beauty of all types of gems and in 1980 he moved to New York where he studied at the Gemmological University of America, later he also followed some intensive gemmological courses in Japan.
He travelled all over the world, from New York to Geneva and Hong Kong, he even opened a retail shop on board the Q.E.2.


Although Antonio has been working in Marbella for the past 25 years, the family business has been established in this area for over 50 years. It took him over 4 years of very hard work to build the shop in its present location. The result is, as I said earlier, an incredible "experience". You can almost feel the love, care and devotion that have gone into it.
The attentive young staff is trained to give you a 'one - to - one' personal treatment and you will be invited to a glass of champagne while you leisurely look at all the beauty that Sejo has to offer.
Every two weeks Antonio gives a private cocktail when one can ask him anything about his designs and his skills. He can personalise any piece of jewellery, he is a passionate jeweller who owns one of the largest jewellery History libraries in Europe.
Recently he developed a fascination for Ancient Egyptian jewellery and he has started to build his own private collection, some of these museum pieces are of extraordinary beauty.
Antonio says that in his profession you can only be good if you believe passionately in magic and dreams.
I do believe that he still has one undisclosed dream, and I do wish that it will come true for him and that his daughter Anna, who is presently reading Economics in Madrid, will be the head of the next generation of the Sejo dynasty. 

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