Friday, 14th August 2020

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Oh, where did all the golfers go?

Oh, where did all the golfers go?

Where have all the golfers gone this year? Could they too have watched the British travel program on TV saying that is cheaper to go to Australia to play golf than to Portugal or Spain?

One example showed that it was possible to play two rounds of golf in Thailand, followed by three rounds in Malaysia, then on to Australia for seven days golf staying at 4 star hotels, for the about the same price as seven days in southern Europe, crazy!

For instance a 7 days stay at a top golf resort near Perth, including four rounds of golf for £136 including a buggy, or two-night stay at the Australian Blue Mountains resort including two rounds of golf for only £55.

Golfing at Thailand's Phuket Golf Orient Championship course is £18 per round and hotels within the resort area start at the incredible price of £10 a night.


In Malaysia, that has some of the best courses in the world the story is much the same. A 4-day, 3-night stay with four rounds of golf in a top resort will cost only £228. You could also stay at the luxury hotel, Ritz-Charlton in Kuala Lumpur, which charges for room and breakfast, only £66, with a butler, or stay at The Pan Pacific for a mere £33. With the choice of courses to be found in the area of the capital, offering such good deals, is it any wonder that things seem to be slowing up here?

Surely it is time to forget the old adage! Fewer customers, up the price! That has been tried but doesn't work.

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