Monday, 1st June 2020

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Happy Divers!

Happy Divers!

Happy Divers offer free Nitrox reloads!

In diving terminology, any mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, where these two gases represent the major constituents of the gas mix, is termed Nitrox, and that includes the air we breathe.

Mixes which contain more than trace levels of other gases in addition to nitrogen and oxygen are not Nitrox. Nitrox mixes which are hyperoxic (with more than 21% oxygen) are variously known as enriched air, enriched air Nitrox. For the most part, sport divers will only be interested in hyperoxic nitrox mixes. Nitrox I is defined to be a mix containing 32% oxygen and 68% nitrogen.

the correct nitrox mix is safer than air for the diver and it presents a number of distinct advantages for the divers, mainly reduced nitrogen narcosis (bends), reduced decompression penalty, longer subsequent dives and several others.
NITROX FOR FREE has been the topic of the year at Happy Divers Marbella, Happy Divers Gibraltar and the IDC College, 80% of all our tank fills are now NITROX fills and most dives are done with NITROX 32.
All members of staff now dive with Nitrox, while more and more divers are now following this trend.


Happy Divers have reduced the number of air filled tanks to promote the use of Nitrox on the Costa and they guarantee its availability with the first ever built L&W NITROX Mixmaster, a membrane compressor which fills 450 l/min, available on the premises.

Happy Divers Marbella, Happy Divers Gibraltar & PADI IDC College are the highest rated PADI dive centres on the Costa del Sol - they are the only PADI Gold Palm 5* IDC Resort. They teach courses from beginner to instructor level with Instructor Development Courses and Instructor Examinations taking place every April/May and November. PADI Europe conducts the Instructor Examinations at Happy Divers because it is the only PADI IE location on the Costa del Sol.

PADI IDC College Costa del Sol has been a part of Happy Divers Marbella since the beginning of 2004, the IDC College is the training department of Happy Divers and specializes in PADI PRO training. Our career development programs and internships train focused and motivated divers from Advanced Open Water Diver to Instructor level.
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