Friday, 14th August 2020

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An Interview with Solbank

An Interview with Solbank

We took an opportunity to Inteview the Marketing Manager of SolBank

Banking is probably one of the services that are most compatible with the Internet. Perhaps some aspects still require the old fashioned approach, like for instance trying to convince your bank manager that he should give you an overdraft . I suppose that the classic face-to-face and a good deal of practice on how to kneel politely is still irreplaceable, however, the ability to transact with your bank on most issues, instantly, from anywhere one might be, represents a distinct advantage.

Having heard that Solbank is considering the opening of a second web site, we assumed that they must have found the Internet a valuable system of communication with their clients. We spoke with Mr A. Clayton the Marketing Manager responsible for the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and the Balearic Islands

Q. Do you find that the Internet is the way of the future?
A. The future? It is happening now!
International, on-line banking is a thing of the present! The majority of the clients using this facility is represented by British, Germans, Scandinavians and now also some Spanish clients.


Q. I assume you probably have a large number of British clients, is it because of your former identity with "Nat. West." ?
A. Perhaps, but now of course we are part of the Sabadell Group, which is one of the largest financial services groups in Spain. The number of German and Scandinavian clients is also very substantial. We are currently planning the launch of a new web site dedicated to the Costa del Sol, where there is an important nucleus of clients and potential clients of the same profile. The service will include banking, house purchasing and information about life on the Costa in general. We shall be disclosing all of this at the press conference, probably in May. Our clients are using the Internet more and more, they find it easier to communicate with and I have no doubts that the ranks will grow at an increasing rate, as more people become computer literate .

Q. How would you describe the Internet?
A. I would say that it is the greatest revolution in communication media at the end of the 20th century and that it will change the way things are done within the next five years.

Q. If you could make some improvements to the Internet, which would they be?
A. I would like to improve on the down load time, however I think that this will be a lot better with the satellite link. The other thing is the lack of information and the difficulty in finding what one is looking for. Thousands of bits of information are senselessly thrown at the searcher .

Q. I hope you will inform us when the press conference will take place!
A. Of course I will!

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