Saturday, 11th July 2020

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Is this the closest to a sure thing in investing in stocks?

Stocks, as depicted by the S&P 500 index outperform every other financial asset… over time.

However, there are two problems with in investing in stocks:
• You must be invested all the time.
If you missed being invested in less than 5% of the best months during the past 40 years you would have earned a lower rate of return than US treasury bills!
• It is common knowledge that less than 10% of all equity managers perform over time as well as the S&P 500 average.They do, however, collect their fees!
That's why Index Funds were created; The only problem with Index Funds is that you must accept huge downside volatility.

Platinum's Objectives:
• To consistently outperform the S&P 500
• With a fraction of the downside volatility
By achieving these objectives Platinum funds will ride the near-certain trend of stocks outperforming every other financial asset over time
… Without the downside volatility that inevitably leads investors to miss the periods of exceptional market returns that are vital to performance.

Platinum Funds consistently outperform, how? 
Platinum Funds seek to reduce risk yet preserve the upside by utilising four layers of diversification:
• Independent equity managers invest using six different strategies or asset classes. All invest long and short in order to succeed in rising and falling market conditions.
• The managers are geographically diversified… worldwide.
• The portfolio, although not necessarily having individual managers, has a low (50%) correlation with the benchmark S&P 500 index. In other words, the portfolio does not require the S&P 500 to rise for it to profit.
• Most importantly, the portfolio features a low intra-correlation among managers.
That means that it is highly unlikely that all managers will be up in any month… or down. In a sense, the results of individual managers are hedged in the portfolio. Platinum Funds outperform the S&P500 (and most other leading indexes) in both rising and falling markets on both a proforma and actual historical basis.

Equity Plus Fund
• 100% invested via a multi-manager Dynamic Allocation.

Capital Protected Equity Plus Fund
• 35% invested via a multi-manager Dynamic Allocation.
• 65% invested in bond.
• 100% of initial investment is capital protected.

Capital Protected Income Plus Fund
• 49% invested via a multi-manager Dynamic Allocation.
• 51% invested in bond.
• 100% of initial investment is capital protected.
• Distribution of up to 10% per year of initial capital after first year.

110% Protected Plus Fund
• 15% invested via a multi-manager Dynamic Allocation.
• 85% invested in bond.
• 110% of initial investment is capital protected.
• $100 investment returns $110 plus net return of fund at maturity.

If in any doubt, seek professional financial and tax advice and always read any small print carefully to make sure you understand any investment properly.

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