Friday, 14th August 2020

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Web Express Guide News

Web Express Guide News

Well it is time we were on the news! As a matter of fact we have been making news ever since we started with our first edition in May 2000.

We are the only Portazine© of the Costa del Sol, the only printed Internet Portal and as such, whatever we do should be news that interests the community.

On this occasion, you have probably noted that we have changed our logo. This is the result of a serious study recently made and the brainstorming of experts on both sides of the Atlantic. It has been created as a symbol suited to what we do and what we shall be doing in the future.

Our objective as a Portal is to be as informative and entertaining as possible, but at the same time it is also to narrow as far as possible the gap between consumers and reputable suppliers of goods or services.

This seems to have been understood rather quickly by Sheffield where we have launched the second Web Express Guide quite recently. We have even been complimented by the local M.P. and the Yorkshire Society, who would also like us to take this into other cities of the County, that is why we are about to do so with a third one. It feels good to be appreciated by a community that understands what we are doing.


Also on the news is the fact that we have had enough of the negative headlines about the real estate business on the Costa. Such news paints everyone with the same brush and it is most damaging to everyone in the Real Estate as well as other businesses, making it seem that everyone on the Costa del Sol is a crook.
It may be true that the recent influx of newcomers to the Costa has brought in too many people who think that on the Costa there is no need to have knowledge or experience in the chosen line of business. It is may also be true that there are a few unscrupulous "cowboys" who have jumped on the property "bandwagon", but it is definitely also true to say that many Real Property Businesses and other businesses are run by honest, hard working people who have invested years of their life and money into their business in order to provide a good service to consumers on the Costa.

We have decided to make a small contribution to this society and we have introduced a new aspect to our property section, inviting real property businesses to join us and cooperate with us in our campaign to identify "recommendable" real estate businesses. At the same time we ask the public and consumers to inform us of any genuine complaints and bad experiences that they have had.

No hear say please just facts so that we may add this to our information bank and at the same time offer advice and counselling to those needing it.

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