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The Ways of Lotions and Potions

The Ways of Lotions and Potions

Home made lotions and potions as grandmother used to prepare before the Bodyshop ever existed.

If you are young, beautiful and have no time… DON'T read on. Go to The Bodyshop instead.  However if you are approaching 60 and over, then perhaps you might recognize some of the recipes for these fun and very useable home made lotions and potions.  
The use of salves and unguents, and the eating and drinking of herbs for healing and maintaining the human body, goes back before the time of historical records. Animals have very often shown us the way.  Early man will most likely have learnt from observing what they ate or avoided and so perhaps evolved a simple rather hit or miss system of healing.  Our fore-mothers made experiments using a wide range of herbs, berries and minerals. They also discovered vegetable and mineral dyes to paint and beautify their bodies with.  Traces of early herbal, vegetable and mineral medicines and cosmetics have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs and nobles of Egypt. Many of these are still in use to day.
The housewife of earlier years had to know how to grow, dry and correctly prepare a huge number of herbs and plants for medicinal and cosmetic use.  She had to know the special virtue of each and when and how to pick them. According to the famous Herbalist, Culpeper, the right moment was 'at the full moon, when the sun shineth before noon'. 
Here are some easy to prepare recipes for the face.


1. Warm gently together 4 0z of almond oil and 1 oz. white wax, beating in 4 oz of rose water. 
2. One dessertspoonful of honey…the well beaten white of one egg…a few drops of almond oil.  Beat until it becomes a fine, smooth cream.

Melt in a porcelain dish:
• ½ oz. white wax.
•1 oz. lanoline.
• ½ oz. spermaceti.
• 2 oz. of sweet almond.
• 1 oz coconut oil.
Remove from the fire; add orange flower water and 3 drops tincture of benzoin.  Beat briskly until creamy. Massage gently into wrinkled area with the finger tips.

• 4 oz. almond oil.
• Small pinch of purified borax.
• 1 ½ oz. white beeswax.
• ½ teaspoonful of glycerine.
• 2 oz. rosewater diluted.
• Few drops oil of roses.
Scrape beeswax into small shreds and place in a jam jar.  Put almond oil in another jam jar and rosewater, borax and glycerine in another.
Stand the three jars in a pan with water ('Bain Marie'). Heat until the wax melts and stir it into the oil, using a spatula. Add the rosewater mixture slowly, stirring constantly.  Remove from the heat and leave until nearly cold.  When the cream begins to thicken, add a few drops of oil of roses and mix in well.  Pour into jars.  Knock the jars on the table to settle the cream and cover with screw lids when cold.

Beat up the white of an egg; mix with a little fine oatmeal.  Apply to face and leave to dry.  Rinse off with lukewarm water; finish with very cold water or astringent lotion.
Have fun! 

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