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The Wisdom of the Body

The Wisdom of the Body

If you feel good does it mean that you must be healthy?

by Dr Timothy Errington, Chiropractor

Of course not. What about those people who "feel good" one minute and then suffer a heart attack or stroke the next. Health must then be much more than merely how you feel. The secret of healthy living lies in our continuous adjustment to many changing factors; we need to handle physical, chemical and emotional stress whilst maintaining  a delicate balance. Nobel Prize winner Rene Dubos said it well: "Good health is a process of continuous adaptation to the myriad microbes, irritants, pressures and problems which daily challenge man".
We adapt to life's stresses by in-built or "innate" mechanisms. Symptoms we feel such as fevers, vomiting, coughing and sneezing aren't bad in themselves; they are signs that our body is struggling to regain it's balance. These mechanisms cause us to shiver when cold and will at times mobilise our immune system to engulf invading bacteria.
What does this adaptation look like inside us?  It is thousands of different chemicals being balanced every second, millions of cells dying and millions being born, whilst billions of nerves fire messages to every part of our body. 


Food we ingest is turned into our body's tissues, damaged tissues are repaired; germs and tumors are destroyed; and all the things that our cells produce are being monitored and balanced at all times
So what then keeps track of all this activity? A wondrous intelligence is present throughout our bodies, one so superior that man cannot begin to imitate it. This is our innate intelligence; it organizes our bodies into a complicated, living, adapting, growing being - without it we would just be 'matter'. This intelligence is our life itself and it's main form of communication is by means of our nervous system; our brain, spinal cord and the billions of nerves that emerge from them. Our nervous system reaches every part of our body and our 'innate intelligence' uses this vast communications system to organize our billions of parts into a healthy, adapting, living being.
Our spinal cords are protected by our spines and for this reason we should pay attention to their maintenance and well being. Stress from trauma, or simply life in gravity with perhaps a less than perfect posture, can interrupt this vital nerve flow.
Our central nervous system controls all function and a resulting partial break or obstruction in this communication results in a deterioration in health or disease - a state where our bodies are less able to cope with life's stresses. 

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