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Midwife on call!

Midwife on call!

Midwives on the Costa del Sol

One area of support we overlooked last month was that of the Midwife.  There are Spanish Midwives available in your local ambulatorio and independent English-speaking Midwives all along the coast just waiting for your call.  You do not need to feel you are alone!
As a Midwife with over 22 years experience in the UK, I am well aware that birth is a major life event, creating a very challenging future ahead with a new baby.  Midwives have an experienced ear, they are experts in normal pregnancy and care of the newborn and can assist with most worries and concerns.  Midwife means 'with woman', and the relationship is one of professional advisor and advocate for the woman. 
Pregnancy is a normal physiological event; the temptation is to medicalise it with more and more advancing technology. The ideal is a combination of the experienced touch and advice from a Midwife and selective use of technology used with flexibility not routinely prescribed. Midwives make it a priority to listen to women describe how they feel, and how the baby makes them feel. A Midwife needs to know the woman in her care!  Simple relaxation tips and birth positions can greatly assist during the labour and birth works best when the atmosphere is calm and relaxed, a confident Midwife promotes this.


When good Midwives, specialist Doctors and Obstetricians work   together as a team a woman could not be in better hands!
Living in Spain offers so many opportunities and more and more young people live here and decide to have a baby. I have had the privilege of working with many couples since I moved here in May 2002.  My experience of Spanish childbirth is that women tell me unanimously that the technological investigations are of an excellent standard but the explanations are limited, possibly because of the language barrier. I have many skills and years of experience to share now that I live here in Spain. Pregnancy and birth can be a confusing time wherever you live, but for many it's worse in the absence of friends and family.
Should you find yourself pregnant here in Spain, I recommend that you discuss your needs with a Doctor or Obstetrician and consult a Midwife.
Personally I offer visits at home both before and after the birth, Preparation for Birth Classes for both Mother and Father, and a Baby Clinic most afternoons.

True or False?
1. More babies are born over Christmas than any other time.
False. More babies are conceived at Christmas
and born in September.

2. Morning sickness will mean that your baby is born with lots of hair?
False. A myth!

3. You will change your baby's nappy 3,000 times in its life?
False. Over 500 nappies in the first six weeks alone.

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Editor's comments: As the article suggests you should visit your local ambulatorio. I don't know where you live but every area in Spain has its own "Ambulatorio". It is open 24/7 for emergengies but I suggest you visit during normal hours.

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