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Just Carmen

Just Carmen

As summer draws to an end and we enter the autumn season, do you think it is time to change our wardrobe? So do I! And, for as long as I have lived in Marbella, I have regularly visited my favourite shop "Carmen Moreno".

A few weeks ago I walked into the shop just to see if any new clothes had arrived after the summer sales. Let me tell you… there were!

As always I found the staff most helpful, they showed me some of the new arrivals and I started to try some on not realizing that one of the friendly ladies who were assisting me was in fact Carmen Moreno herself.
I was rather impressed with her modesty so I started to have a long chat with her about work and designs. I thought that this is something that I should share with you.

This means that this month I shall introduce you to a very charming and hard working lady and her interesting business life.

Carmen Moreno was born in Seville in 1952; she is married with 5 children. Her initial career started as a school teacher until the end of the 70's when she decided that she would venture into a business of her own.

Suddenly her career changed from school teacher to a business person and she designed jewellery that she would sell herself just to make a living. She never imagined that her designs would be so successful and that they would sell in all the shops in Seville. Gradually she increased the size of her collection and started to include belts and handbags.

With her increased income she decided to buy her first industrial sewing machine, that is when one of her leather suppliers suggested that she should take a stand at the "Iberpiel" exhibition in Madrid, which she did in 1982. It was her opportunity to enter the market on a larger scale and, to strengthen her collection as well as her position, she also started to include a range of designed clothes.

With so many special orders being placed she had to get help from her husband, her aunt and one assistant, resulting in the start of a workshop.


Her real dream was to open her own retail shop, but at the time she did not have enough capital to do so, although she was effectively retailing from her workshop which eventually led to the opening of her first retail outlet in 1986, at Calle Mendez Nuñez, Nº 3.

From that moment she started to have two functions, the retail sale of her creations in Seville as well as the sale at National and International Fairs.Today Carmen Moreno has 10 shops in Spain.

In 1994 she branched out into home decoration and design with the opening of a shop two doors down from her premises in Seville and this year she was able to open a second one in Costa Ballena.

Through all these years her business has grown gradually involving every member of the family, and to this day it is a close family business, with different members specialising in different aspects of it.

Carmen would love to have a prestigious place on the international market, and with this objective in mind, this September she will be introducing Carmen Moreno at the fashion trade fair in Brussels.

It is not just luck, it is the support of all her family: husband, children and others that have led Carmen to her success; no doubt we shall hear more of this lady in the fullness of time.

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