Monday, 1st June 2020

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Making history again

Making history again

We continue making history in respect of technology, communication advertising and promotion. The launch of the new Portal for Andalucia and the Costa del Sol helps advertisers to optimise their own websites.

While I am writing this, hurricane Ivan is doing its worse in the Caribbean and the weather in Britain and many parts of Europe is rainy and windy. 

I suppose this is a good enough reason for wanting to live on the Costa del Sol; here we are in September and all we have to show for it is a bit of cloud and a few threats of rain which do not seem to happen.

In the mean time, Web Express Guide continues to make history and September saw the launch of the newest version of the Portal, which is much more in keeping with the latest technology and the increasing demands on Internet.

The new Portal is more attractive and much, much easier to navigate and find information, which will be copious. We have done all the testing off line, but no doubt, like all new racing engines, it will need a bit of tuning over the next few weeks. We are finding this out as we upload information and a lot of information it is.


The launch of this new Portal also means that our new corporate image is on line as well as in print and all that remains for us to do is to continue providing a "unique" tool. We are not a magazine online, what we do is to "print our portal and distribute it free to tell people that we are on line". While the printed "Portazine"© has the same effect of a quality printed magazine, it also tells people about and all the information and businesses that are included.

In addition to optimizing the Portal through search engines, we physically tell people of all the addresses and businesses on our Portal. That is about 30,000 people a month on the Costa and another 60,000 in Yorkshire every month. Put it all together online and offline, that is a lot of people!

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