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Pregnancy in Andalucía

Pregnancy in Andalucía

Having a baby in andalucía. What are the options?

by Sebastián Polinares

Considering the number of families that have moved to the Costa del Sol over the last couple of years or so, the chances are that there will be some new arrivals that will use a method of transport that is very distinct from planes, train or automobiles.
Yes, someone somewhere on the Costa is or will be pregnant, it happens all the time and the chances are that it could even happen to a would-be single mother. 
So what are the options? Should one consider returning to the U.K.? Does this mean the end of a new found lifestyle?
First of all let's dispel the first doubt that comes to mind and state quite clearly that because a child is born in Spain, it does not mean that he is Spanish. As long as the birth is registered with the British Consul, the newly arrived baby will be as British as the Union Jack and will be entitled to his or her British Passport.
We know what the procedures are in the U.K., from pre to post natal. If you are resident in Spain, the procedures, as far the health services are concerned, is pretty much the same, except it is all done for you.


You start with your local doctor and from thereon you will be told what to, when to do it and where to go. Expect to have to make regular visits to your local ambulatorio and gynaecologist.
One thing is certain; the facilities will be very good and very clean. I dare say, much cleaner than the U.K. and with the availability of the most modern equipment even in the case of older buildings.
One can go private of course, the difference is that one gets more privacy, particularly at the time of labour.
Should there be an emergency, you need not go to your doctor. Go straight to your nearest ambulatorio or even the emergency department at the hospital. You will be attended almost immediately depending on the urgency.
Quite frankly you have no need to go back to the U.K. just to give birth, unless of course you are going to be financially dependant on the State.
The most you can expect, as a single mother, is some financial assistance with baby minding to help you go to work.
Rent payments, child allowance, benefits etc. Forget it. Your only help is from your parents or the father.

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